Sunday, March 15, 2009

Say my name say my name...

Did I ever mention how much I like my name? Well I do and I found this cool website that you can make these awesome shirts for kids and find out what the name means at Thanks Noelle for the fun entertainment while I am in the office! Any way my name means either bright or lightskinned or dark and darkskinned. Who knew. It explains the dark and twisty moments.

Today I started South Beach and can I just say how much I like sugar? How I think of it constantly? I am actually exicited for school to start so that I can take my mind off of this need to eat. The thing is I have eaten great things today, things I love and all the sudden without the carbs and sweets I am going beknockers!

Along with this joyful journey is now I am limiting myself to stop eating by 7:30 p.m. I hope by doing so I can kick my fat belly to the curb and not look like a pregant/beached whale/future summo wrestler/ being unhealty person.
However we did get lucky when it came to church today. Due to spring break church was held at 9 instead of 1. Did my roommates and I think to check. Nope. So we showed up at church and were blessed with the glorious news that church had already been had. We drove around trying to find a sacrement meeting but it didn't work out. So I got lucky on this beautiful cold almost spring day! How lucky can you get?
Bridgit Jones moment coming soon.

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