Friday, October 29, 2010

Lush Life

I must have been thinking too much last night. When I was sitting there at Maddox. My hands were sweating and my usual cool suave demeanor went out the window. Sitting there in the booth room I realized that I hadn't even touched the bread basket. Which if you have ever been to Maddox those wonderful rolls with the raspberry butter and honey butter....why was I ignoring the bread basket call?

It wasn't because of a good book.

Or a family member.

It was because I finally went on a date. Me. The one who runs from all forms of romantic basic dating behavior actually went and had fun.


Who knew dating was kinda fun instead of a chore?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Baby It's Pouring Rain...

My car hates my outfit. It's true. My Old Navy Jeans paired with my black Old Navy Performance Fleece (Everybody now Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy Performance Fleeeeceee...end with jazz hands) and Crocs which I don't feel like having to justify why I wear them. It all started three years ago on the worst Valentines day ever.

What made it so terrible? I had the cold that threatened to end my life, a naughty resident who had to be gently persuaded to live somewhere else (i.e eviction!) and I was single. So I put on the black fleece that day.

Bad idea.

Oh such a terrible idea.

I also had to go to Ogden to help take care of Grandma Dar (love her! Seriously.) while the Momma and Grandpa went to Europe. So after loading my car up with all the dirty laundry, homework etc..I began to drive through Sardine Canyon, Brigham City, and just before the Farr West Exit my clutch went out.

That was a lovely 800 dollar fix.

Guess what I was wearing?

Old Navy Jeans, Black Performance Fleece (Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy Performance Fleeeece....) and Crocs.

But that's not all. One day two years ago my dear friend Alise and I went to go see a picture show. Great movie had fun but on the way home just before I get to the street my car dies. New distrubtuor. Another 700 dollar fix later....

guess what I was wearing...

No really guess.

(Fine I'll tell you Old Navy Jeans Black Performance Fleece and Crocs.)

Yesterday. Battery dies.

Old Navy Jeans, Performance Fleece, Crocs.

My car seriously hates that outfit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turn on the Radio..

Just when you think I'm just going to drop off the face of the earth I come back with another guest and a good story. I promise after this week I won't be so sporadic..oh who am I kidding I'll just do the best I can and y'all can just sit back and enjoy it.

Before I introduce our guest I have to tell you a funny story. I have a very boring job. I'm by myself almost all day. Not good for Blake. I also have a nasty tendency to get songs get stuck in my head. So this morning I was kinda singing in the elevator. Well guess what.

I wasn't alone in the elevator.

So to maintenance lady who got to hear me sing It's so crazy right now..Hey Blake can you handle this..

Hey Cart can you handle this...

Cause its so crazy right now...

Cause my body is so bootylicious.

Yeah. It wasn't my finest moment.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bust A Move..

There are some post that absolutely write themselves. Our second to last guest is a newer friend of mine. I met her when she worked at the hospital as room cleaning specialist. With her sense of humor and honest opinions I was always so glad to see her cause she made the worse days a lot better. I wanted to cry the day she quit cause she made my days at work so much better. Corrine is such a powerful writer that I am going to include her answers to the questionnaire just the way it is. Refer to Lindsay's post from yesterday for the questions....

What is my most inspiring workout/run/walk/day? Why??? that's kind of tough because I haven't really really worked out since college, back in the earlier 90's when areobics, leotards and tights were really cool! But I love to walk, and just taking my kids for a walk and exploring nature seems to inspire me. This summer I took up jogging around the high school tack, but for some reason my insecure high school emotions took over as the foot ball team, track team, and cheer leaders were working out. I had to just imagine that they were watching in amazement as this middle aged, chubby mom was lapping them....

If you listen to music/thoughts inspire you when you workout/clean the house/ driving the car? Well usually I can't even hear my own thoughts at home, with four kids running and screaming, thats pretty much all I hear. I personally like the silence, and usually write stories in my head. Or narrate my life, as if some narrator, in a James Earl Jones, deep voice announces to the world what exactly it is that I am doing. For example as I was doing the bleachers the other day, ok about two months ago, I stumbled and the narrator in my head said "her knees could no longer hold the weight she stored after 4 kids and nine years of marriage, colapsing under her, as her top heaviness, knocked her further off balance and she slid down the bleachers. The teenagers across the field, stood and laughed at the sight of the chubby mom tubbling to her embarrassment."

What is your dirty little secret food? I know yours is ice cream because I seem to remember seeing you sneak a few of those little cups into your cart after a long day of work :) But to be honest as of 13 days ago, I have cleansed myself of all "toxins" and have for the most part given up diet coke and sugar, hopefully for good, other than that occasionally holiday get together. But two weeks ago, it was diet coke! I couldn't make it through a day with out one or two ok who am I kidding 3! And I am always a huge sucker for a good potato chip or french fries.

What is my next goal? Or something I have always wanted to do and haven't? My immediate goal, is to feel comfortable in a swim suit in two weeks as I travel to Hawaii to see my husband. I know I won't be quite there but getting close, as in the last two weeks I have shed over 8 inches, not weighing just measuring myself right now. But another goal of mine, because in my dreams and in my mind I already am one, is to be a runner! I really would like to do a half marathon and a mini triatholon, and sometimes I think I need to sit down and pick one and go from there, but right now its just in the planning process of my goals.

How do I inspire myself on bad days?

Tough, had you asked me a few weeks ago I would of said going to the convient store and grabbing a tall, iced diet coke, got me over the humps. Some how I grabbed hold of a vision of what I want to be (ok what I want to look like and what size pant I will wear, and how fast I will run a mile) and realize that no food tastes as good as that will feel...and I have heard it before but for some reason that is stuck in my mind as a truth, and I am going with that right now.

sorry I am a babbler....and you can find out more about me on!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Somedays I don't feel like trying...

Woah whoah stuck like glue you and me baby were stuck like glue.....sorry but I have been a little fascinated with country music lately. I don't where it comes from either but it just happens. I realized just today that when I said I was going to do a weekly segment with my guests I really did mean to do it through a week shot. But due to a crazy work schedule I haven't had time to put them all in. Sorry! I promise all of you that you will get your chance to be read by Momma Joye.

Next order of business.

The next guest I have known for a very long time. I first met Lindsay when she didn't have her teeth in. I walked in the door and there was this amazon woman with no teeth. She is an iron woman (3 times!) a wife and dear friend. Lindsay is such a positive force to those she meets. Honest but kind. She makes killer chocolates too. so with much enthusiasm I give you


Lindsay with all the running, biking, swimming ironmans (excuse me iron women..) what has been the most inspirational run for you?
My most inspirational run was my first run training for my first marathon. My uncle and I had signed up to run the St. George marathon and I hadn't run since high school, I was now 21. He and I set out on our first official run at 5:30 am. We ran 2 miles, 2 whole miles. I have never in my life been so proud of myself. I showed up and I ran. It was that run that set my love of this sport in motion.

Isn't it funny how the first run or walk is the one we remember the most. I remember the day I said I was going to run a mile. It was more of a walk but lets pretend shall we that it was running. I never forgot how happy it made me. But enough of me how do you focus your resume is so impressive! I'm sure I forgot somethings that you have done...

I find many different ways to focus. I usually have to go inside myself and find the quiet. Over the races I've done I've always drawn on certain inspirations, maybe it's a person, a goal, a thought. Whatever it is, I try to focus on it for that time. Funny thing is, my dear friend and training partner, Emily, gets through her runs by talking. I usually can't talk because I'm trying to keep up with her. So I essentially get free entertainment and she talks and talks and talks. It's the best.

Its true about the princess. She can talk to you about anything! I am always looking for new music to run to so I have to ask what do you listen to on your i-pod when you run? Or if you don't use one do you deal with the quiet?

I don't listen to an i-pod. My days are filled with people talking and me talking to them. Running/biking/swimming without music is my way to sort through life and find the quiet. On the occasional run when I do listen to music I have found that "Girl I'm going to make you sweat", "Lose Yourself", and Fighter are fantastic ways to pump you up.

Darling with having accomplished so much in your twenties what is your next goal? Where will we hear about Lindsay next?

Hmm... my next goal is to take it a little easier. I have been training non-stop since January, completing two ironmans. My goal is to focus on the fun of the sport rather than a set schedule. You'd think this would be easy but everyday I battle to 'just go for a fun/easy run'. And okay, don't laugh, but along with that, I'm incorporating marathon training. I will be running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran in two weeks. Yee haw.

Just for the record Lindsay just finished the San Francisco Marathon with a powerful time of 3:38. But moving dear Lindsay do you keep yourself motivated?

I once heard a quote, although not sure who said it, "One day I will not be able to do this, but today is not that day". That quote alone gets me up in the morning. Because today I have a strong, willing, healthy body that allows me to lace up my running shoes, I think it's a privilege that I cannot take for granted.

Oh and one last fantastic running quote that I say over and over again in my head:

....Running hurts, it always has. It teaches us that good things do not come easy. It teaches us that we are capable of more than what we think. It teaches us that hard work will be rewarded and laziness will be punished. Don't expect to learn those life lessons from jogging. Next time you suffer on the roads, suffer proudly. You just RAN! (Author unknown).

Thank you dear friend. Sorry I couldn't there to see you run! But its always a pleasure to have you here! Hope your running recovery goes well!

Thanks everybody!


Monday, October 11, 2010

She's just a Touch of Exotic...

Today's guest is a dear friend of mine. She and I both started at Mckay Dee at the same time! She is a wonderful mom and has a hilarious personality. Whenever I work with her she makes my day just a better day. So for my dear model friend...

Yoaneli! It is so nice to have you here today! What is or was your most inspiring workout?

leg weights! One day it will be to run the tour of France but is not really a run. But to walk, anywhere at night is lovely and inspiring to me and the best day is Saturday because it is when you try to plan fun stuff to do.

If you listen to music while workout or out on the town what do you listen to?

When I am getting dressed and putting on make up, I tune up the music and get into whatever I am listening too(romantics, heavy metal or rap/party reggeton music u know,drink all all night!

Ever since you introduced me to the that song I can't get it out of my head! We always have fun dancing at work and I have to thank you for that! What is your gateway food? You know the yummy delicious stuff you can't say no to?

Chocolate cake and anything with pecans!

It's the same for me too! I can't say no to the chocolate cake but its been a month since I've had a slice! So what is your next goal or something that you inspire to?

find a good rewarding career and go to Hawaii!

Oh you will love HAWAII! Its one of my favorite places. One last question. What do you do to get yourself out of the dumps on those bad days?

Get closer to my kids..kiss them/hugs/listen/sit with them...

Yoaneli! You are such a great mom and a good friend! You always make my day better whenever I see you thanks for being a guest!

Tune in tomorrow for the next guest in our series!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Forget About It

I just want to say to all the people that have hurt me

Forget about it.

And to those I've hurt too.I just want to say

Forget about it

When you see me on the street don't wink don't wave and don't tease me with your smile just

Forget about it.

I just want to take what's mine and walk out the door.

Forget about it.

When you thought about yourself more than others

Forget about it.

After all baby we will still recall those moments late at night .

To ease your worried mind I just want to say

Forget about it.

Why try to recall?

We aren't friends anymore. Let's just

Forget about it.

(A brief explanation. I ran into an a person I knew from High School. We were friends once but through a whole lot of baggage drama we parted ways and we saw each other and didn't know how to react to each other so I wrote this down and with all this rain we've had lately it just seemed like a great day to share it.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Intrup your Scheduled Programming..

May I introduce to the world the new generation of the family? Xan Alan Nebeker it is so nice to meet you. You are the first of the greats so let me be the first to say hello. We are so glad that you are here.

Welcome little guy.

Can't wait to meet you in December!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Got Lost But Look What I've Found..

Back in the olden days years and years ago I was a resident assistant to a wonderful building called Astach (Yes that was its name) and though I was a terrible RA I had the most amazing chance to meet seventy five different individuals. It truly was one of the greatest experiences in my life.

The very first resident I met was a fiery red head named Shilah who looked at my Blakealicious (what? if Fergie can do it so can I.) and said I think this is going to be a interesting year. Through the two years I was so impressed with her strength and humor. She really taught me how to listen to people and have a courageous outlook on life. Shilah has Cerebral Palsy which often makes it difficult for her to do day to day activities but you would never notice that about her cause she's always doing instead of complaining. I am so truly blessed to have her in my life. Plus she has the only painting I have ever done. Also her husband Matt? Totally lived in my building and met and got married. Am I a match maker? Not really but I like to take credit.

So with much further flourish I present to you....


Shilah! Thanks for being here today! You have always been such a great friend. What is your most inspiring work out?

Honestly, everyday is a struggle for me. Wait I would like to change my answer, I would have to say that today was most inspirational workout day for me. I was able to bike 24 miles today, its the farthest I have ever gone,and the best part is I am sure I can continue with similar distances regularly as long as I have the time! If I can maintain this I really see my self accomplishing my goals! I'm pretty excited!

If you listen to music/thoughts inspire you when you workout/clean the house/ driving in the car? (Mine is when I listen to Party in the USA I tend to put my hands up when she tells me. What can I say? Its a Miley Cyrus world and we are just living in it.)

For listening in the car I love good old fashion oldies, and I genuinely mean oldies 1930’s-1950’s, or the ghetto music of my youth—my husband gives me a hard time for growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. As far as working out goes I have found that music doesn’t distract me enough, so I’ve stopped listening to it. Instead, I listen to old radio shows on my iPod or watch Hulu. So I guess you could say that working out for me is less about inspiring myself and more about numbing my brain.

I love the oldies! When I had my first car (Ford Galaxie 500 it was beaut!) There was a radio station that would play those old radio dramas. I got really into Dragnet for awhile! So totally off subject what is your dirty little secret food?

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! It doesn’t help that every time I mention chocolate my husband runs out the door too buy me some. Sometimes it is less than a minute before he is gone--

Who doesn't love chocolate? So lady what is your next goal? Or what is something you have always wanted to do but haven't yet?

I will honestly answer this question even though it makes me feel vulnerable. I have Cerebral Palsy, and to successfully carry a pregnancy (without permanently putting myself in a wheelchair) I need to get down to a low body weight and have very strong legs. So, my next goal is to prepare physically to become—and then become a mother.

Well I know all my readers (HI MOM!) will be cheering you on! You always seem so positive. So how do you inspire yourself on your bad days cause I know we all have them?

I think about my life goals and how it would be easier to accomplish them if I can walk. My most inspirational thought is of my husband and me, in retirement, serving the people of Cusco, Peru. I would love to be able to serve a mission for the LDS Church, with my husband and still be walking. But that will take a lot of perseverance.

Thank you so much Shilah!

Friday, October 1, 2010

You Fasinate Me So..

Today's guest has been in my orbit for a very long time. I met Tessa when I was in the fourth grade. She has always been quite the firecracker and I am very glad to have known her. Tessa is my sister's other half. I promise dear friends I have other people who are coming to be guest who are not my sisters but I wanted to introduce you dear readers to other people besides myself who read my blog. I hope that their stories will help you in your own journey. Cause they so dearly help me in mine.

And now



Tessa! It is so nice to have you hear today! So let's start off with something everybody wants to know. With your wedding coming up soon what was your most inspiring run/Work out?

I must say my most inspiring run was this morning. I set out to do 8, but changed half way through to do 12. All before 9 am. I made it! It was sorta slow, but so far, its the longest I've run since I got my calf surgery 2 years ago. So I was inspired. Started out when it was dark and ended in the full sun. Yes it hurt and I still hurt and will hurt tomorrow. But its amazing to see what your body can achieve if you just will it and train it. Its much more powerful than our minds. Cool huh?

Tessa that is amazing that you were willing to push yourself so far. I know when I run sometimes I tell myself Body what can we do today? And sometimes its pushes me to do six and sometimes I'm only able to do 2! It truly is amazing what our minds can do! Now if you don't mind me asking what tunes are you currently blasting to?

Currently I love Girl Talk radio on Pandora... poppy mixes into hip hop, good beats. Also, because I'm getting married soon (almost under a month!) I've been chugging along to "wedding dress, wedding dress". Sort of shallow, but you do what you have to do!

I totally love your new mantra! It's not shallow cause by the time you wear it you will go Damn Baby I'm fine. You sound so happy! So with a not so subtle segue to the next question what makes you happy?

I'm in my happy place often on a patio eating, sipping wine and talking with friends. This may take place at a restaurant or my house, or others, but by far this is when I'm most comfortable surrounded by the one's I love.

It's so true about how a bland meal taste so much better when you are around people you love. I think my greatest moments of my life have been centered around take out boxes and with all other worldly distractions taken away and just laughing with those you love. With all that talk of food what is your dirty little secret food?

my getaway food.... do I have to pick just one? Ok good, because I have a few that are irresistible to me. Chocolate chip cookies, Ruffles potato chips, crusty white bread dipped in anything and cupcakes. Hungry yet? Because I can't stop eating these things, I run.

I don't think anybody has just one food that leads to a happy sugar comma but after hearing your answers I can't stop thinking about cupcakes. Sweet cupcakes...anyway before you leave us what is your next goal?

My current goal is training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Fran in 2+ weeks. I'm going with your sis, of course she's doing the full. Not all of us can be elite endurance athletes! ;) Beyond that, searching for my dream job...

Thank you so much Tessa for wanting to be a guest today! Good luck on your half marathon! I am so jealous! Take pics!

Feeling rather inspirational? Be a guest! Just leave a comment or facebook me. Hate this segment? Let me know!