Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance..What's that all about?

This is me saying goodbye to Lola. My great friend Ann is inheriting her. I don't

think Todd and Momma Joye would love to have a huge 1970's couch in their house.

Nor would it quite fit the bungalow.

So I had to say goodbye.

However this last few days has been horrible. Finals is like Carnival or Festival for

College students. You can eat, be a cranky monster, and everyone goes AH! It's


So next week we will catch up with the Bridget Jones moments. I can't wait to get back

to a balanced life! However no fat graduation pictures!

There are some perks for tourching yourself for a few weeks.

That and the robes are black.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who Said Who Said I can't be President...

Just 3 more days till I get to wear the Judge Judy outfit! Lets hope I don't look like a fat turkey!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Falling...

I dreamed last night that I was flying.
I flew over Logan.
I waved to everyone below standing on the Quad Old Main strong in the background.
I flew faster.
Flew through Sardine Canyon.
Flew through Brigham City each space a blinding blur. A wild crazy adventure.
Then I suddenly stopped.
And hit the ground hard.
I had to shake my head for a moment allow my vision to come into focus.
This is what I saw. (See pic above)
Mount Ogden beconing me home.
Though my heart was full of sadness for the friends I had made and loved,
The tears we shed together,
The midnight slurpee runs,
Crazy finals behavior.
And yet the mountain beconed, slowly called me home.
Come back to us.
Come home to us.
Be one with us.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Own Best Friend..

I picked this picture because it reflects on what I am feeling about my life at the moment. I am waiting to finally ready to stand up in the spotlight by myself and take ownership of what has been going on. I feel that I didn't get the graduate resident director job.
Before you feel bad that I didn't I get it. It is a chance for me to look at the other options my life has to offer. When I stand in that spotlight and the music starts up it will be me standing there singing my heart out.
And I will be Skinny.

It's A Twister!

This is how I have been acting today at work.

Sometimes check outs/finals make me want to go after your little dog.


It happens.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You can do it you can do it..

Watch the Transformation from this:

To this:

Ch Ch Changes...

To all old and new readers welcome.

If you were to ask me two months ago if I was going to start a blog about my weight loss I would have laughed at you, smiled then said no. This morning inorder to combat all of my nerves and stress of this job interview I went running on the treadmill.

Running I began to list all the people who have supported me on this journey. I read your names out loud and thought of you. For your support. For your comments. For just being aware. There you were a community of friends cheering me on.

I felt blessed.

I felt your strength.

Living alone and going through this weight loss and everything suddenly changing I began to feel so alone.
But I wasn't.
Cause you were there.
Thank you for that.

So tonight I encourage you. I implore you to think of those you love. Those who are always on your side. List them one by one. Focus on their faces. Focus on their love.

And you won't feel so alone anymore.

Bridget Jones Moment:
Weight: 215.7
Excerise: 45 minutes on the treadmill
Water:1 liter
Nothing too nervous.
Peanut butter (sugar free) and Jelly (actually simply fruit but for the sake of simpilty we will call it jelly.)
And the rest of the pint Java Chip Ice cream. With Sprinkles. (Gee I wonder why I ate the whole thing? Humm hello stressfull interview no breakfeast.) Geez.
Veggie burger with onion rings (See previous sarcastic comment.)
1 coldstone cupcake. It was marv!
I will find out on Monday night or Tuesday morning whether or not I got the position. Pray. Thanks for your postive enegry.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working 9 to 5..

I've got a job interview tomorrow. I'm kinda nervous. So nervous that tonight I had a little too much sugar and gave myself a headache. It was so bad that I was like "Oh Almond Joy!" How could you do this to me? I was there for you. I sang to your children, I secretly snacked on you during Fast Sunday, I was blessed to have you around, you were there when I was lonely and sad, often glad..(okay enough of this I sound like a country song)

Anyway if you read this post between the hours of 12 pm to 1pm please send out postive enegry. I kinda need it. So that way I can be a contributing member of society and not be the eternal pool boy. Not that I don't love being a pool boy but I only have so many years before I look like the pool grandpa. But that's a different post for a different time.

Bridget Jones Moment ! Yay says the singular person in the audience.
Weight: 213.2
Water: 2 liters
Workout: 40 minutes on the ellicptical. (I had a lot of emotional issues I needed to work through)
2 eggs with candanian bacon, mushroom, and onions. 4oz of yogurt
Chicken Salad Sandwich and a cookie
Dinner: (this dear readers is when sugar attack happened I was like run! Save yourself and the children! but alas it was too late. )
Chicken Cashew chicken
small dipped frozen yogurt ice cream cone.
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Sorry So Sorry..

Dear Blake,

I am writing you this letter on behalf of my grandson Jorge. He has been so emotionally distraught the last couple of weeks since you heartlessly abandoned him. How could you? What is level of skinness will you sink before you break his heart? He sits there and stares at the television show watching trashy tv (Project Runway reruns the poor boy he is emotionally stunted) then late at night he watches the Golden Girls. The poor boy. He doesn't mix, he doesn't shift, he sits there. Please please help! As a grandmother there is only so much I can do! If you need embarassing photos please contact me..

Much Love,


And now presenting the moment you have all been waiting for...
The Bridget Jones Moment!

Weight: 214.7
Steps or Miles walked: 12757 or6.9 miles
Workout:30 minutes on the Ellicptical
Water: 3 liters
2 eggs, 4 oz of yogurt, and 2 ozs of cottage cheese
Chicken Toasdata at Cafe Rio
95% lean hamburger
Must we talk about this?
A sugar free turtle
and 3 bites of Java Frap Ice Cream
I'm so weak..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reunited and if feels so good...

After a brief seperation, a visit from an evil alter ego, and stress up the wadzu, the ellicptical machine and I finally got back together!

After a crazy week last week I truly thought that I had fallen off the bandwagon. I was so naughty last week that we just don't talk about it. Things are back to normal! Thanks to Amy and Sammy (the only two who responded to the contest) on Retro Sunday Jorge letter will return!

Bridget Jones Moment

Weight:216.9 (Maybe this time I'll be lucky...maybe this time it'll stay...)


I was so exicted I posted early today but there will be more later tonight! Stay tuned!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nominate your favorite post!


This is my 50th post! YAY! So in honor of it being the 50th post I am starting a

little contest Nominate your favorite post in the comment section


on retro Sundays I will post the most popular to the least!

So nominate your favorite! If you want to email me your selection or just

send a friendly hello

The contest ends Monday morning at 10 so vote!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad Boy Bad Boy Whatcha Going To Do When they Come for You...

Do you remember how on Bewitched Samantha had that evil cousin Serena (who was really Samantha) and Serena would do all sorts of evil things pretending it was Samantha who did it?

Well this week I have been visited by the evil version of Blake known as Drake. Drake makes Blake do all sorts of evil things like eat chocolate cake, drink coke, and makes him sleep instead of working out.

So warning if you see Drake tell him that he needs to encourage good Blake to come back. Cause Blake would hate to look like a Fat Judge Judy at his Graduation!

Bridget Jones Moment:

Weight: 218
Steps walked: 1463.3 or 9.1 miles.
Workout: Running to and from Campus over and over again!

2 eggs mushrooms Candida bacon 4oz of yogurt
Chicken Salad sandwich
2 tortillas with black beans rice and chips and 2 glasses of lemonade.
1 can of coke.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not A Day Goes By...

(Picture by Jill Din found at
Image may be subject to copyright.
Below is the image at:

I'm scared. The last few days have been a emotional tummultous journey of getting ready to graduate and in less than two weeks I am going to be homeless (well kinda) and honestly jobless. Its scary. I'm frightened its like the future and the present are ready to collide into each other and the clash will turn out to be a horrible splash of avacodo green and orange. I wasn't alive in the 70's but the color schemes still haunt me still!
Yet have you heard the story of Susan Boyle? The 47 year old Scotish Woman whose looks one would describe as handsome but not pretty. She lives alone in the house her parents owned. Currently unemployed I imagned she sat there in her house with her cat Pebbles and watched the world go by. She was the girl that people ignored in High School, the one that was written as a silent type.
Yet she had a talent.
One night she saw an ad on the televison advertising Britian Got Talent. That talent she hid within herself pushed her just a little bit. It wouldn't be ignored. So this quiet Scottish woman ignored the words of others the open scorned and she finally confessed her true desire to be a professional singer.
Then she opened her mouth.
And in those first 5 seconds that audience was moved and scorn was changed. Talent overshown looks. A light burst through a bushel.
I often feel like Susan Boyle. That nobody notices me. The world tells ordinary people that we are not important. That our looks do not support the true beauty that lies beneath. Yet when she sang for that brief 2 minutes the world saw talent and the outside shell disappered.
So when you walk in the store and see the acne scared bagger boy what will your thoughts be? Or if you see me from behind what is your first thought? Are you looking for the inner talent? Or are looking at the least important part the outer shell? Yet how often does a talent get killed. A light stays hidden within a bushel with no way for it to get out.
The Lord teaches us lessons in mysterious ways. Here's one that was recorded.
Aren't we lucky?
See the story here http:// or you tube Susan Boyle.

My Milkshakes are Better than Yours...

Just a brief warning my posts are going to be a little erratic till next week due to the Finals so bear with me Blake got Fat fans we will get through this!
Yesterday I ate one of these.
It was so delicous that I don't even feel bad.
Cause sometimes it feels nice to be naughty.
However miracles of miracles.
I was 215 this morning.
Sometimes you don't realize how lucky you get.
However for safety concerns there will be a date with the ellicptical machine.
Because I don't want to start a Blakegotfat part 2.
I don't know about you but I'm going to go out and play in the rain.
Care to join me?

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've Been a Bad Bad Boy...

I come from O-Town.
It's kinda a dangerous place according to some people.
More likely its the food that has been to my down fall.
Easter was a little too good for me.
Perhpas that bunny knows what he's doing. He's got my number.
Funeral potatoes.
Homemade Banana Ice cream.
What was I suppose to do?
(Coming tomorrow A Bridget Jones Moment that will have you on the edge of your seat.)
Till then!

Friday, April 10, 2009

For In Your Easter Bonnet With all the Thrills upon it..

Happy Easter
Tis the season for the chocolate.
Don't disappoint the Easter Bunny.
He has so little to live for.
I'm going on brief blogging vacation.
Don't be sad! I will be back!
While I'm gone will you do my survey for my class please?
I would be ever so grateful.
See you Sunday Night!

You've got to make your own kind of music..




This would be the caption beneath this picture if it was ever displayed in a gallery.

Today was great day. I did something out of the ordinary. I took a nap and I loved it.

Really. It was one of those naps that you take that when you wake up you go woah. Or at least thats what St. John said when he saw my hair. It was really that good. But I guess you had to be there. It was really great. I mean it will be the hair style for the next year let me tell you. 20 minutes of spraying it with a water bottle and a quick dunk under the shower head got it under control!

Now for some adminstrative business:

Here is a link for my friend Alli and Kyle's blog about Grant I encourage you to send postive enegry, prayers, adn thoughts in their direction. They really need strength from everybody for Grant. He had major surgrey today and it was extremely scary!

Also for my Intro Political Science Class would you mind taking a brief survey? It's really brief and if I get an A I promise I will not post a picture of me in a speedo. See. Life is truly is marvelous no? click here please!

Now for the exiciting moment of the night!

Bridget Jones Moment! YAY says the singular guy in the auidence!
Water: 2 liters
Miles walked: 7.0
Oatmeal with cinamon and walnuts
4oz of yogurt.
Chicken Salad sandwhich on whole grain wheat bread and a cookie. (It was there and I was like hello...)
See picture above.
Fudgesical, 8 french fries, and sugar free turtle.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Rain on My Parade..

It Rained A Lot Today.

But thats Okay. I got to wear my awesome Red Shoes.

I love my red shoes. I can't explain it. I have tried to explain these shoes to people. But I believe everybody needs a pair of red shoes. There is something about them hiding inside your closet that makes you go I'm wearing these and y'all better like it.

Today was a great day with the whole excerise and eating journey. Lately I was flirting with the dark side which I am so prone to do and today I was able to eat healthy and feel great. I worked out which was so nice on this rainy day because I needed a boost. That and the newspaper was advertsing Speedos. Not that I want to wear one but it's nice to think maybe? (Wait. I'm killing that thought right now.)

Bridget Jones Moment:
Wii fit age: 28
Didn't have my pedometer on me. But I can tell you right now I sat a lot more than I walked.
Water:4 liters. My poor blatter.
Oatmeal with cinamon walnuts, 3 pieces of celery and laughing cow spread, 4oz of yogurt.
Chef salad with Ligth Ranch Dressing (I needed a change) 4 oz of yogurt
Chicken Salad, brocoli, and brown rice. Yum!
Sugar free pudding and a 3 sugar free turtles.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is here they are writing sonnets...

(This cool picture comes from

Spring is HERE!

It came in last night.


I am so glad.

The flowers are starting to bloom.

Like small children people went out.

Took their shoes off. And heistantly they felt the grass with their white toes.

I was jealous.

I had to sit and hand out frisbee golf discs.

by myself.

Yet tonight I walked and looked at the grass.

Said hello to it.

Encouraged it to stay.

Then I looked at the full moon.

And I said hello to it too it too. So it wouldn't get jealous.

Then I walked into my hot apartment.

And I threw open the windows.

To let the breeze cool down my apartment.

Also air out the stink of winter.

I'm ready.

Are you?

Bridget Jones Moment:
Weight" 216.8
BMI: 31.36
Miles: 4.4 or 8,508
Workout : 35 minutes on the ellicptical. Finally!
I was kinda naughty today when it came to food. Richard had those powdered doughnuts in the office. I had to have one. Then somebody made me cookies. Of course I had two. Then I had to sit in the office all day. I'm also a little stressed because the job searching isn't going so great. Three weeks till what? Me in a judges outfit looking for work. I'm cute anybody want to hire me?
1 cup of oatmeal with cinamon and chopped walnuts celery and 4oz of yogurt.
Chef Salad with 4oz of yogurt. bite of double double chocolate chip ice cream.
Chicken with steamed brocoli and brown rice.
See previous post. So guilty. I hate this. Why? What deep issues do I need work through?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Now that it's your Birthday...

Happy Birthday Emily!

To Emily this One's for you!

Cause It had to be you!

My sister and I have a little saying between us that whenever our parents introduce us to their friends. This is our daugther Emily. This is our other child. Emily's brother.

Yes. She does have clothes on but this was the only picture I could find that she wouldn't be mad at me for publishing.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister! There hasn't been a moment in my life where she hasn't been there and without her I would be rather bored. In 25 years we are going to throw a marvolous fifty years of being brother and sister! Cause why not? Oh and you are all invited!

These are little random bits that came to me through out the day...

Did I mention that we still know all the words of Smelly Cat?

She does a mean verison of A part of your world. (Just let her have the side of the pool some back up singers and off she goes!)

My sister is often known for her "borrowing" capablities. Once she borrows it it never comes back.

When I was little I used to call her Elm because I had a lisp and couldn't say Em. Now when I'm tired or I get exicited I still do.

She and my Dad often need to excerise till they fall over. They have this thing about compition. They just have to win. That's why you don't see emilygotfat or a jeffgotfat blog. They don't need it. They need. Emily and Jeff need sleep and relaxation blogs.

To the ghetto dances that we have made up over the years. Now when ever I hear "Hey Mr. DJ put a record on I wanna Dance with my baby" I think of you.


To those moments when you fought my battles for me. I think the lady at OHS parking is still afraid of you.

To those late night talks, to playing moles, to pretending I was adopted, and I still like you. Not bad for a 27th birthday present isn't it?

Bridget Jones Moment:
My wii fit called me fat today said I weighted 220! Whats up with that!
BMI: 31.56
Miles walked :7.8
A bowl of crispex
A michalena dinner
Chicken, brocoli, and brown rice.
In my defense I had no food and no time to go to the store.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How you'd like to spoon with me?

Wasn't it a nice conference weekend?
I always feel so inspired after hearing such powerful talks and having church in bed. Some people don't understand how wonderful it is to wake up and just sit on the couch and watch church in your pajamas. One word Fabulous!
As I was driving back to Logan tonight I was thinking about how this blog has helped me lose my fat physical exterior. Yet on the drive back I was thinking about my inner body my soul. Seems as the physical body gained weight slowly the inner body was slowly starving away. It's like when I gained all the physical weight. It wasn't one morning I woke up and was like "well hello shamu how are you?" but rather it slowly packed on slowly, an almond joy here, a banana split here, and slowly but surely my pants got tighter, my breath more winded and my enegry flew out the window. Yet while I was feeding the outside of my body my inner spirit started to get skinner and skinner, starved for food and good words, it fell away and I used food as a buffer. Depressing thought, eat this it will numb the pain, oh Ben and Jerry saved me many of a night from having that painful conversation with myself but now I realize if I really want to get healthy I gotta feed the inner body too! So join me!
To all my readers I just wanted to Say Thank You! It is you that inspires me each day to write!
Tomorrow it will be back to normal!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tune in for A Blake Got Fat Blog Special...

Tonight is going to be retro night here at Blake Got Fat we are broadcasting live from his home town of Ogden Utah. Sit back relax and enjoy blakegot fat in in all it's retro glory.

And now for your host: BLAKE
(yay says the single person in the auidence

I am so glad that you all decided to come with me to visit my roots here in O-town! We got a great show for you tonight !

Tonight's first guest is Blake's Stomach
(Theme music dadadada badada bing!)
Stomach: It is so nice to be invited here to the Blake got fat show! You know with the recent stomach reduction going around staff now we are having a hard time getting away to come do your show but so many of my staff members were like you have to do it! So here I am.
Blake: I am so glad that you were able to make it. Lately with the snow and the situps it must be hard for you to visit.
Stomach: Oh well they say every 4 years you should remodel and restructure so we are exicited to see how the final product looks after the renevotaion.
Blake: Thats awesome and thank you so much for being here on retro night on Blake got fat. We gotta go to comerical but come on back for the ellicptical machine..
Comerical: (to the theme of superfreak) Sugar free oh give me my sugar free sugar free cause he's a sugar free fudgeiscal! (picture a man wearing a fudgiscal suit)
cue in theme music Badbaba dd bing!
Blake: Welcome back to the Blake Got Fat Show we have a special guest with us tonight live via satallite from the Housing gym in Logan...Hi elliptical can you hear me?
Elliptical: Hello? Hello?
(Sudden static)
Blake: Looks like we lost transmittion. Hope you all have good night that's all folks
Theme song
Its the BLAKE GOT FAT SHOW!!! Cause he ain't no flake that's Blake on the Blake Got Fat School!
Fade to black
Bridget Jones Moment:
2 eggs mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
12 oz of chicken noodle soup with a slice of multigrain bread
3 snall baked chicken tenders, brown rice and brocoli.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My own personal version of therapy..

This is Lola. My lovely couch I found at the DI two years ago. She's long and perfect for napping because she has great legnth and range and you fit perfectly between the back of the couch and the seat. Marvolus. It's become the couch where friends have come by and had great conversations, tears, and laughter. It's become the therapist couch for dear friends.

This week has been so hard for working out. Sugar now gives me a head ache so when I be a little naughty I get a lovely headache and can pin point it directly to the source. It drives me nuts. I have been getting a lovely spring cold and I have been extremely busy school winding down and the sudden looming jobless, homeless, and grown up life rearing its ugly head in three weeks I've been a little put a upon. I figure it's nature's way of making sure that I am still alive and not getting too comfortable in my current state.

So today I laid there on the couch and had this conversation with Lola:

Me: I don't know I don't know relationships I can't belive what's happing these days Lola..

Lola: What can't you believe?

Me: There so difficult to have ever since the sexual revolution they are so hard to have ever since then men and women don't know how to relate to each other. If you offer to pay for dinner and open the door is going to think you are going to put the moves on her after dinner?

Lola: Yah go on..

Me: They used to be so simple I mean you walked to a girl on the play ground extend your hand and suddenly you are going out. Even in middle school the thrill of having a girlfriend was to see if you could tell what Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker she was wearing. Also after three days or so it became a contest to see who could break up with the other person the fastest. I rememeber going to Classic skating and being so exicited to snowball off with somebody just to hold her hand for a brief moment.

Lola: So relationships are just one of those bells?

Me: That now and then rings.

Lola: So what frightens you now?

Me: Suddenly going to McDonalds and buying a big mac, fries,and waking up and seeing that all the weight I've lost come back in triple form.

Lola: Perhpas its time you find a different hobby...


Bridget Jones Moment:
Weight: 216.9
I'm too tired to write the rest.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If I don't find romance soon this is going to be me. (According to my Mother)

I want romance. I'm bored of everybody finding it, suddenly waking up one day and saying Oh look I found love aren't I lucky like discussing the two for one t shirt sale at Old Navy Oh I just walked right in and I found it they were right next to the bathroom who knew? If I was smart I would swear off love all together but its those brief moments of when somebody has a geniune interest in you they say your name in such a way that heart beats a little faster. You find yourself thinking about them at the most random moments, so grateful that they are yours of all the millions of people in the world they sat down and talked to you.

But when its absent from your life it seems like the colors disapper or fade away. Like Dorothy stuck in Kanas knowing that somewhere there has to be a world of color, just outside the door. Till then there is a lovely sycamore outside my door that I have had my eye on the question is what chapstick..Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker of Dr. Pepper or Watermelon?

Bridget Jones Moment:

Weight: 216.7
Wii fit age:25
Miles walked:4
4 pieces of celery laughing cow spread, 4 oz of yogurt string cheese.
Chef salad with yogurt
chicken, brown rice, aspargus
A bite of rice krispie treat, 15 almonds, a stick of sugar free gum.


Best Joke Ever?
I weighed myself and I was at 216.7
No longer 230!