Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Sorry So Sorry..

Dear Blake,

I am writing you this letter on behalf of my grandson Jorge. He has been so emotionally distraught the last couple of weeks since you heartlessly abandoned him. How could you? What is level of skinness will you sink before you break his heart? He sits there and stares at the television show watching trashy tv (Project Runway reruns the poor boy he is emotionally stunted) then late at night he watches the Golden Girls. The poor boy. He doesn't mix, he doesn't shift, he sits there. Please please help! As a grandmother there is only so much I can do! If you need embarassing photos please contact me..

Much Love,


And now presenting the moment you have all been waiting for...
The Bridget Jones Moment!

Weight: 214.7
Steps or Miles walked: 12757 or6.9 miles
Workout:30 minutes on the Ellicptical
Water: 3 liters
2 eggs, 4 oz of yogurt, and 2 ozs of cottage cheese
Chicken Toasdata at Cafe Rio
95% lean hamburger
Must we talk about this?
A sugar free turtle
and 3 bites of Java Frap Ice Cream
I'm so weak..


  1. lol, you are NOT weak! you look SO good by the way, I'm so glad we got to go to lunch yesterday! it was a good time. You look so great!

  2. Good boy! you are really coming along! I'm your biggest fan by the way!!!

  3. Blake!! Amy has been RAVING about your blog! LOVE LOVE it!!!! So funny and I can TOTALLY food obsession is your's TWIN! Good to have someone to empathize with! :) Look forward to tomorrow's post! :)
    Jackie Dunn Malan