Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting to Know You

I'm starting a new feature here on Blake Got Fat. I figured I'd take a page from Oprah's handbook and feature some guest. Cause Even Oprah gets tired about talking about herself. So today I'm inviting my first guest.


I first met Amanda when my sister (aka the princess) was competing in her first ironman down in St. George. I knew I was going to be very good friends with Amanda when riding in the car I hear this sassy southern girl go "OMG Y'all I need a Starbucks!" from that moment I was grateful for the chance to have met her. Though I don't see her often I am very lucky that I have gotten to know her this past year. She is an awesome mom and a great friend to my sister.

So Amanda here is you first question

What was your most inspiring workout?

Running the trails through the vineyard, because it is just me and tough terrain. And as much as I don't really care for nature it is quite pretty and I often find friends like deer, turtles, and ducks on the trail with me.

I love that you make friends with certain woodland creatures. That's hilarious! Next question.

If you listen to music when you workout what do you listen to?

Always music! I have to have music so loud that I can't hear my own breath. When I feel like I can't keep going, I pace my stride to the beat of the music. Although I love a good fast pace beat from Kanye or Rihanna, I also love a strong tune from Kings or Dashboard Confessional.

Amanda! Me too! I love to listen to the Momma Mia soundtrack too cause I know the words and I often find myself singing them out loud. Glad to see that we have that in common! Now Amanda here is a funny question but people have been dying to know what is your dirty little secret food?

Cinnabon! The classic roll, nothing mini here!

Yum! Cinnabon. When I was running through the Atlanta airport I could smell them and I wanted them so bad. I'm proud of you for not being shy and having a full one! So what is your next goal? Something you've been working on?

A Half Marathon.

That is awesome! I did my first one in May and it was such a great experience. We will be all cheering you on. Now last question cause I believe in getting people's positive views on life how do inspire yourself on bad days?

Honestly, keeping small races sporadically placed throughout the year is what helps me stay on track. If I have a race in the near future, then I know I better stay on top of my training.

Amanda thank you so much for being a guest here on Blake Got Fat! You are wonderful and please visit us again!

Come back tomorrow and see who the next guest is! Who knows it could be you! If you want to be a guest leave a comment here or on my facebook page!

Have an inspiring day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say Your Sorry.

(The sub title for this picture is "Oh I'm Falling in the Water. Please Stare at my Stomach.)

(Written on the plane on Monday)

I just want the man who pushed my elbow into my face as he waddled up to the bathroom to say he's sorry. I want the flight attendant to say he's sorry that his hair comb over is never going to mask the fact that he's balding. While I'm demanding things to apologize I want the weather to say it's sorry for sending a hurricane to the tropics.

I'm pissy and I have the right to feel self righteous for just a moment.

I'm sweating in two day old clothes and all I want to do is get home.

Why am I sweating you ask? Well if you have ever traveled to Atlanta (pretty city, weird airport. A train? Really?) with the wonky weather the only flight out of Montgomery delayed till the last very minute I arrived in Atlanta with 20 minutes to go from E concourse (the very last one) to the very first one (Did I mention I've never been to Atlanta?) to T. In 15 minutes (cause I had to go the bathroom.) I've never ran so fast!

So I have to say I'm sorry to the old ladies I plowed.

To the families who walked in a wall down the center of hall (pick a side!) well it was bound to happen that somebody would break through your red rover wall. (Red Rover Red Rover Blake's going to Run You Right Over!)

I'm sorry to the Jury Clerk who had to find a new juror.

I'm sorry to Bridger who had to drive me to Montgomery twice. Your blessings are in the mail.

I have to apologize to the young couple with the baby who were flying home and so hoping for the empty seat between them. However I have to thank you you random strangers. For all those who were kind enough to look at the very sleep deprived person and not say anything.

So to all of you who prayed me home thank you.

I'm sorry.

But can I say I had fun?

Friday, September 24, 2010


I am loving my VA K!

Yes I understand that was totally an Elle Woods comment but it just was extended to the first! Why? Jury duty baby.

Cause I am just that lucky.

Pics to come soon.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There's No Cure Like Travel...

It's going to be an interesting couple of days where I may or not have internet. So please check back on monday just in case I can't blog for a while.

Miss you already.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Easy A? I think so.

Have you heard about?

Did you know?

OMG? Really?

Well I heard...

After seeing Easy A and reading the Scarlet Letter (what? I can be closeted Nathaniel Hawthorne fan.) I have decided something today. That A? I think I have a little crush on Emma Stone and going to the movies without popcorn is kinda sad and that I'm going to try something. Living in small town Mormonville Utah I have witnessed, participated, and been victim to the Mormon Mafia (don't laugh. It exist) gossip mill.


Today it stops.

If I can give up Coke (except for a brief hiccup see yesterday's post) I can give up the gossip. Unless I have been told by the actual person in question I'm not going to feed it anymore because gossip is nasty. It's sludge.

However I realize that gossip is like pride. When you say you aren't prideful you are and when you say aren't gossiping and then go but I defeats the purpose. My goal is to make a conscious effort to watch what I say.

Care to join me?

Let's not let the Mormon Mafia win!


Monday, September 20, 2010

I Just Don't Want To Be Pulled Into Your Gravity


For what's worth I just broke my rule about drinking Coke. WAIT! Before you judge this was a moment of where I get to justify my actions and then you get to voice your opinions. I realized something today when I was laying on the floor of my bathroom.

Life is hard.

Choices are harder.

Hence the reason why I'm laying on the floor in my bathroom.

I drank one bottle of a measly coke.

It wasn't even that great.

But I did it.

And I want the bottle of Coke to say it is sorry. For a brief moment I want to hear its justification story for bonding with me. Was it cause I was irresistible? Was it because it was you just didn't know how to forget me? Was it because Love means never having to say your sorry?

I just hope I'm going to be all right.

Stupid Coke.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gimme Gimme...

Since tonight is the night off from my OH so adventurous life I have decided to get a jump start on my Oprah is going to make my wildest dreams come true wish list. AKA Christmas list.

This lovely bicycle. It looks so cool and so modern yet retro at the same time. It comes in my favorite color too! Blue!


I know.

I have a lovely bike at home but Oh the fun I could have with this one. However I don't have the money.

But I would like to dream of it.

See for info if you want a cool commuter bike. Buy one and get me one too!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Wanna Take Your Picture

There are certain things I have learned that with your siblings are the only ones who can accurately judge and support you. They are the only ones who survived all the mistakes your parents made.

I just want to thank them.

For dealing with me.

And still liking me.

It's kinda nice.

I think I'm going to keep them around.

For a little while at least.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Think I will Sit Myself Down and Write a Letter

Dear self,

Will you today promise me one thing for today? Will you love yourself a little bit more and criticize yourself a little less? When you want to go into super crazy mode and want to stand on top of a park bench will you tell yourself to release it all and let it go?

Please be kind with me today. Some parts are barely holding with the duct tape work that is holding us together. We aren't as strong as you think we are. Will you say seven nice things to random strangers today? Put a smile on your face and go Que Sera Sera.

When somebody attacks us will you instead of blasting with all the pent up rage of teenager go you weren't very nice and walk away before you say something that you can't take back.

If you can do that for me today I promise you soon we will have a coke and piece of cake.

Best! Love!

Your best self.

I'm Not Calling You A Liar...

I want me some sugar!


Not that kind of sugar.

The grainy kind.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Its week two. And things are going great. I sleep better. My skin is clearing up and my insides are functioning a lot better. But it's a boring world without coke sometimes. I notice when I walk down the street I no longer want to teach the world to sing. However since giving up coke I notice how many people drink soda. We are a very happy soda drinking city here in O town. It comes in all sizes and shapes pretty and ugly it's a universal drink.

Yet I think how much I have spent on it.

For such a cheap drink and my bad math skills I figured if I spent 1.25 a day on a bottle that's 459.59 cents a year I would spend on just one bottle for everyday. That's a lot of sugar!

I'm a little obsessed. Can't you tell?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Loved Ones...

Its been four days three hours and forty eight minutes since I've given up coke and cake. Today is the day where I want to start a a fight with a barn yard animal. Preferably a donkey or a pony. Why do I have such hatred toward ponies and donkey's? I really don't but it sounds so much fun to say when you are kinda punchy. I just want to punch a pony! Sounds much better than I want to punch a pillow!

For some reason I think it's funny. However seeing how ponies kick back hard I would probably lose. Its been one of those weeks.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Been A while...

Happy Labor Day!

I hope that you had a great labor day weekend. I did! I labored. It was actually pretty nice wonderful running weather. Glorious fall! Yay for no longer having to peel myself off of my sheets tossing and turning to find that one glorious cool spot. No more hiding myself inside during the hottest part of the day going I'm going to burn gonna burn! No? Maybe it's just me then.I will miss the warmth of early summer,sitting on the lani and reading a book with a bottle of mexican coke.

Some things about summer you just can't transfer over you know?

Ps.Day 4 with out any coke and the headaches have finally gone away! Yay! Just an update on the no sugarness. I have decided to gradually give up the sugary stuff. First Coke and Cake (not together although that does sound lovely) then on to the whole band wagon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Running to Be Free

A forewarning this post has been a work in progress for the last two weeks since the wedding and I was trying to be ever so witty about how to answer the dreaded question "So how's your Love Life". I tried to answer the best way I can and all I got was this so I hope you enjoy it.

There are some days where I can sit down and all the words that have been tumbled upside my brain come spilling out like a big ole summer rain storm just letting everything spill out of me craving attention. Screaming notice me! Notice me!

Then there are days like today.

Where I sit down to write these deep thought provoking post and all I can think of is looking out of the window and yelling PARADE! and silently sneaking out the back door so you don't read this drivel crap I occasionally produce. By the way this parade trick works wonders when you are stuck in an awful conversation with someone. The kind where they want to know the oh! so juicy details of your life's most embarrassing moments like "When are you getting married?" it's quite simple my single friends. Point to the wall or window and yell with quite a bit of enthusiasm and conviction yell "Why look a parade!" and then while their head is turned dash for the nearest exit. Or also if you are in very close quarters a simple "ever since the accident'' and then trail off in the opposite direction works too. Cause people are often very polite and won't ask what kind of accident happened to you. I prefer to say this to when people ask about my love life well ever since my second marriage...

So if you are one of these people who ask such deep and probing questions about my love life you now know what three answers you will receive A. Parade B. Accident or C. Vague reference to a marriage that hasn't happened yet. You've been forewarned.

I'm afraid today is either/or kinda day. Either you will read this and go! Oh! Or you will righteously hand me a cigarette and a blindfold and say Adieu!