Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sugan I'm Going Down and other undenifable objects

(Pictures are coming! Promise!)

Have you ever had those moments in your head when your excerising and you can see yourself running and it looks between a cross of Chariots of Fire opening sequence and a Nike commerical? No? Well maybe its just me then. Everday that I put George and Martha (George is the left foot Martha is the right foot shoe) I see myself running and it looks effortless. I am focused. I am strong.

But then reality hits.

I went running yesterday and I was thinking oh look at me I am doing so well..then I looked in the windows as I ran.I looked like I was ready to have a heartattack.

Oh dear.

Good thing I didn't submit myself in for one of the models for the next nike commerical.

Monday, March 29, 2010

In Which I Finally Reemerge from Seclusion.

There were so many great openings for this post inside my head. Wonderful words strung together making it sound like I had been gone on some marvelous journey, some deep soul searching adventure, and when I felt ready to pick up the blog torch I would be witty, fun, and exciting.

But in reality I worked so much and stuffed my face that I had nothing to say. I had to go away in order to reevaluate what I was doing. When your life go nuts you often don't have the chance to explain it till it already has happened.

So let me recap for you.

I received an email from anonymous person just ripping my blog, me, my family, and if they would have had the time Canada. So I stopped.

But I missed it.

I missed sharing the oddness that is my life.

So I sucked it up and wrote this post. So if you read me before I've come back. A little fatter, a little weaker, but I'm here. Running and dieting my heart out.