Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've got to stop thinking out loud. Yesterday on my facebook status I inadvertently said that I was thinking bout canceling my blog. I'm not.I was thinking bout the direction I was taking it. Sorry for the confusion.

Blake got Fat is here to stay.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wash Away...

I have found a new place of solitude. Running around in the patient tower as I deliver food I have discovered there are places I love to visit and places that I'd rather be a million miles away from. In my new place its similar to the LDS temple. I haven't felt peace in a place like this in a long time. Not the quiet moment of peace you experience before you go to asleep, or after you finish reading a wonderful book and you let the book fall to the floor as you embrace the joys of spontaneous nap.

No this is a place of deeper peace.

The one that speaks to your soul.

And tells you that you are part of something bigger.

That life can be fragile.

That burdens can be easily washed away.

Like a sudden rain storm in August.

The kind that billows up in the afternoon.

With just a gentle wind.

And as you sit and watch the clouds let go.

Wishing you could do the same.

Its the oddest place.

Where life comes to an end.

Or restarts.

My place isn't that special.

In fact its a place where you probably never want to visit.

Its the middle ground.

Where many change life goals.

Say goodbye.

Or others wake up.

With renewed purpose.

I found a new place for peace today.

Have you found yours?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who Can Turn the World on With a Smile?

So I have a confession. I have a small fascination with theme songs from TV shows. I love the jaunty beat and the overall theme that sets the tone for the show. Take Mary Tyler Moore for instance you know whatever hijinks and trouble she is going to get in she is going to make it after all. Or the OC with those beautiful panoramic shots of Newport beach or my all time favorite Cheers. You knew that everybody was friends down at Sam's Bar.

So what does my odd fascination with theme songs and today's post? In my new adventure of starting something new I wonder what would be my theme song for this new job? Is it going to be jaunty (like How I met Your Mother?) Intense like House? What will be the montage shots of me doing?Of course I will be smiling but what else? It is an intersting thought. When in the great hereafter and your life movie is being played what do you want it to be? With a lovely happy upbeat theme or one of those dark and depressing ones?

Just some thoughts to think about.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


And now as summer comes to a close and while most of my friends and others prepare for school I am entering to another phase in my life. Yippe! As I cast off the shackles of college life I have shed off weight, emotions, and gone back to my roots. Yes this is a summer that will be remembered as one that goes up and down learning to live with myself (and my messes) and trying new things seeing what parts of myself do I want to carry on for my second parts of my adventurous twenties?

Well come Monday a new chapter opens. A new job and new people. Come Friday I'm treating myself to a little mini vacation so while everyone is in school I'm going to treat myself to some fun on the northern California coast.

Well here's to something new.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Confessions of A Ice Cream Scooper.

It is time for me to reveal the truth behind the ice cream scooping. Many have wondered what is the secret behind the magic at Farr Better Ice Cream. The scooper code relies on secrecy and very strong hand to wrist action. For this one night only I will reveal the truth behind the magic.

1. We hate the long lines just as much as you do.
2. Never get between a Mormon Youth Group and ice cream.
3. Every body's best friends till you run out of chocolate peanut butter.
4. We know the million variations of Cherry Chocolate Chip. Cherry Garden, Cherry Spray, Cherry chocolate spray the end its always cherry chocolate chip.
4. When you point to a flavor in the bin and say "That one" what "one" are you referring to? We have over 80 flavors.
5. Your kids are always going to need cups.
6. When you come in at 9:59 pm and order milkshakes, sundaes, or banana splits you are automatically on our least favorite customer list.
7. When "they" discontinue a flavor its not our fault. Sometimes flavors have to die. Its just a part of a scooper's life. Moaning about it won't bring it back. Just enjoy the memory.
8. Saying "Bingo! Yatzee! etc..." when we announce your number is only cute when you are 12. 56? Not so much.
9. We don't judge you for what you order. We know that we deal frozen dairy crack and we are okay with it.
10. In 1930 single scoop ice cream cones were .05 cents. Now they are 1.99. Welcome to the 2000's just pay. We understand you are moaning about your lost youth but we can't change it.
11. If you don't know what to get JUST ASK! We always have flavors that aren't on the menu board and you won't know they exist unless you ask us if there is something they should get.
12. If you are going to ask for a million samples and then stick to your favorite flavor of vanilla please come in and sample them when we aren't packed. We already know its vanilla. Its always vanilla.
13. It seems that we are always crowded but if you come in around before traditional feeding times we are pretty light.
14. When we are out of waffle cones don't complain. You aren't there for the cone you are there for the ice cream. It taste just as good on another cone. If you really want one we have cage fighting every friday night. May the best fighter win.

15. We love our jobs. Treat us nice and we might just treat you!

Phoning it in..

A brief conversation with Lola:

Lola its been a busy couple of days. I have been so busy that I haven't had the chance to even blog about it.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been that interesting ja?
No haven't I told you? I got a new job working at the hospital for room service.
You bring up fresh towels and do turn down service?
No I bring food to the patients.
That makes a lot more sense.
It is nice. I haven't actually started but next week its 5 am wake up calls but guess what the best news ever? No scooping!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Can't Give You Anything But Love..

Dear Blake,

Its Me! Jorge! Why do you feel that you can torment me with those loafs of banana bread you made last week for your chica neighbors and think that you can just mix with me like there hasn't been any beef. I mean really! I mixed and mixed for you and the second that you are like "I'm taking a brief dieting break you try to get back up on this ice blue ghetto bowl of mine you are dreaming. Cause I am a strong independent mixer and you can't bring me down. No sir."
Through the marvelous help of LOLA (Yes I have conversations with your show girl couch too.) I realize that I am going to strike out on my own and be big. You hear that? Beyonce Single Ladies Big.

Please don't put me back in cabinet. I promise I will be a good mixer. I will wait for you! But I need commitment. I need security.
Call ME!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Feel A Song Coming On..

Its a red shoe kinda of day. Gonna follow my own yellow brick road.

More tonight!

(Post edit!Normally I don't do a post edit I do a new picture and try to impress you with my smartness and witty humor. But tonight I'm tired. )

What is a red shoe kind of day? When I was in high school I wasn't necessarily the most popular person on campus. Not the Josie Grossie but not exactly Blake Superstar either. I feel nicely in the middle. Being in the middle is where I always end up it seems. Its okay. Years of therapy has gotten me to accept it.

I was lonely. But what High School Student isn't? I have watched lots of High School Angst TV on DVD its a common theme so I'm sure I'm not alone in that department I mean watch an episode of Buffy or The O.C, 90210..I'm going to stop or my male pride will go flying out of the window.

But my Grandma Dar has this special gift. One I'm trying to hone and create in my life. But she always knew when I was feeling a little blue and battered. It was always so exciting to get called out of class for "a family emergency" and there would be grandma waiting to take you out to lunch and shopping. Who needs Math? I certainly didn't. (Don't think there is going to be a I've seen the light and Math is my best friend blog post. Its not going to happen.)

One day we were at Dillard's and I found these amazing pair of red Diesel shoes. I mean they were cool and manly and I wanted them but I didn't have the money and I walked on by. My grandma bought them for me and sent them to me with a note saying
"Some days are blue days, some are brown days, and sadly some are black days but on Red days you can conquer the world. "
Grandma Dar.

So I save those red Diesel for truly truly special occasions. That's why during the dark and stormy period before I started this blog I bought myself my own pair of red shoes. Hence the red converses for just the minor take over the world need good luck boost days.

It was this morning that I put on the red shoes and found myself at the ATC enrolling into the MEDICAL OFFICE program. This time it felt right. Not like medical assisting. Like the terms hate the idea of jabbing people with needles. So I enrolled. Then as I was walking out of the ATC my picture taken for the student ID card that I will never ever show. Perhaps when I am famous the nosy people at US magazine will use it for what happens to Stars on a bad day. Its just that good.

Anyway. I was having my Mary Tyler Moore moment (minus the hat toss cause that just would have been awkward.) The phone rings. See two post ago about how excited I get over nameless phone numbers. This time however it was from Natalie from Mckay Dee hospital. Now when I was up this morning (5 in the morning mind you why? Because my brain thought it would be fun! You know what else would be fun? SLEEP! Preferably the wake up at 8 or 9 variety.) So doing my strength training and yoga poses on the Wii fit I had decided that I would say no to the dishwasher position. I may kibitz about being an professional ice cream scooper at least I deal with people and work with friends.

But oh no. Natalie had a little surprise up her sleeve. Oh yes something that really threw me for a loop. Would I like to be a patient server? Would I? Does Tiffany still send stuff in blue boxes? But don't buy from Tiffany's buy from Farr's. Wish she had called before I signed up for 30 hours of school a week. Yup. Here I a go back to school. But at least this time I have cool red shoes and I'm the cool kid who works at Farr's.

So what do I do?




No eat a three gallon of ice cream instead.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to Do What to Do the Outlook was Decidely Blue...

This is the only picture I have of me scooping ice cream at the moment. I call it "Professional Scooper". During the tumultuous second interview All I could think of was this image. Is this is the image of what I am suppose to be the rest of my life? A scooper of joy? A sundae of sadness? A hot fudge river of emotions?

During the interview I was Blake Adorable. Funny, direct, and sold my self with internal jazz hands. The ultimate professional scooper. Yet as I sat there waiting for my appointment I saw all these other well dressed IHC employees coming in and leaving and they looked so happy and content with the jobs that they had. Then looking at this picture I realized that as much as I joke and use the term professional scooper if I had the choice I would throw it away for the chance for something different.

The other day I blogged bout going to the ATC to get my MA and when I showed up on campus I heard this big ole' voice say "RUN AWAY! BIG BUNNY RUN AWAY!" sorry bad Monty Python reference. So I did. I ran away! Well not exactly running more along of the lines of gimped away but it sounds better if you say I ran away!

So now what?

Anybody have a stripper pole? Wait strike that. The last thing I need is the Mormon Mafia to organize and protest. Don't laugh they exist. Be afraid. They are watching you! What depresses me the most is that yesterday I was doing the "what diet should you do?" quiz in O magazine and I thought why am I being reactive in life instead of being proactive? Why moan about these extra pounds when you can actually go out and do something about it?

So that's what I did. I went out for a hike. Saw the beautiful skyline and got just a brief answer. "Hold still and know I am here. Something is coming."

Well that's positive.

Gotta go.

Time to polish my professional scooper badge.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

But the World Goes Round..

I love this pic of Joey and Grandma Dar. They are making "shadows" according to Joey.

Sorry that I have become such an absentee blogger lately. Some days I just don't have much to say or else I am so tired all you get is me trying to act like I know what I am doing. Ha! Fat chance.

Tomorrow is the big interview.

For the dishwashing job.

Which I really want.

It may be a linear move but its a move right?

More tomorrow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

And I Will Sing This Song While I Wash My Dishes

You know that you have reached a new level of life when after two months of searching for a job your luck begins to turn. Finally after months of silence the phone rings. You gasp! Dust off the phone and pick up trying not to sound giddy. A small preview if you will:

BRING (That's the phone in case you are wondering)
Hi this is Blake (cause it's not Momma Joye calling and I don't recognize the number)
Anonymous person:
Hi is Blake Ure there?
Blake: This is him.
Anonymous person: Hi Blake this is Becky from IHC and I was calling to see if you would like to come in for an interview...
This was the moment that I acted like a total high school girl. These were the thoughts that were streaming inside my head "Okay sound calm. Sound cool like your interested but not too interested. Then it was followed by a whole bunch of "Oh my gosh Oh my gosh oh my gosh Shut up! I know totally right! Then the nagging voice inside my head pointed back to the phone and it was like FOCUS!
This is for the dishwasher position. We need you to prepare a 2 minute presentation you can use visual aides.

I think I can do that. (Wait all this for a dishwasher part time position? Seriously? But don't judge)

All right we will see you on Thursday.

So I walked in there today all dressed up so nice and had my flawless presentation ready. I didn't hear the part where this was going to be a group presentations, followed by group assessments, personality test, and what would happen if I got stranded on the moon.

All Jolly fun.

But the called me for a second interview next Tuesday so I must have done something right no?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Open a New Window Open a NewDoor...

This is my moose tracks epiphany as I was leaning into the ice cream bin yesterday I realized something. First ice cream looks ten times less appealing when you wear it on your arms all day and second that I was never ever going to get out the ice cream bin if I kept on the same direction in my life. As I looked into the depths of the vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and little mounds of truth filled with peanut butter I could see my life laid out in front of me. Nothing but endless people whining about no waffle cones, lack of spaces to sit, and the same dumb jokes over and over again. No I haven't been in a arm wrestling contest but I bet I could beat your rear fanny! Or my personal favorite This must be the best job ever! Which I always want to say if its so great want to trade? I'll do yours!

So I am going to the ATC and getting my Medical Assistant.

More tomorrow!

Simply Sleep is kicking in and I'm seeing double...