Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Feel A Song Coming On..

Its a red shoe kinda of day. Gonna follow my own yellow brick road.

More tonight!

(Post edit!Normally I don't do a post edit I do a new picture and try to impress you with my smartness and witty humor. But tonight I'm tired. )

What is a red shoe kind of day? When I was in high school I wasn't necessarily the most popular person on campus. Not the Josie Grossie but not exactly Blake Superstar either. I feel nicely in the middle. Being in the middle is where I always end up it seems. Its okay. Years of therapy has gotten me to accept it.

I was lonely. But what High School Student isn't? I have watched lots of High School Angst TV on DVD its a common theme so I'm sure I'm not alone in that department I mean watch an episode of Buffy or The O.C, 90210..I'm going to stop or my male pride will go flying out of the window.

But my Grandma Dar has this special gift. One I'm trying to hone and create in my life. But she always knew when I was feeling a little blue and battered. It was always so exciting to get called out of class for "a family emergency" and there would be grandma waiting to take you out to lunch and shopping. Who needs Math? I certainly didn't. (Don't think there is going to be a I've seen the light and Math is my best friend blog post. Its not going to happen.)

One day we were at Dillard's and I found these amazing pair of red Diesel shoes. I mean they were cool and manly and I wanted them but I didn't have the money and I walked on by. My grandma bought them for me and sent them to me with a note saying
"Some days are blue days, some are brown days, and sadly some are black days but on Red days you can conquer the world. "
Grandma Dar.

So I save those red Diesel for truly truly special occasions. That's why during the dark and stormy period before I started this blog I bought myself my own pair of red shoes. Hence the red converses for just the minor take over the world need good luck boost days.

It was this morning that I put on the red shoes and found myself at the ATC enrolling into the MEDICAL OFFICE program. This time it felt right. Not like medical assisting. Like the terms hate the idea of jabbing people with needles. So I enrolled. Then as I was walking out of the ATC my picture taken for the student ID card that I will never ever show. Perhaps when I am famous the nosy people at US magazine will use it for what happens to Stars on a bad day. Its just that good.

Anyway. I was having my Mary Tyler Moore moment (minus the hat toss cause that just would have been awkward.) The phone rings. See two post ago about how excited I get over nameless phone numbers. This time however it was from Natalie from Mckay Dee hospital. Now when I was up this morning (5 in the morning mind you why? Because my brain thought it would be fun! You know what else would be fun? SLEEP! Preferably the wake up at 8 or 9 variety.) So doing my strength training and yoga poses on the Wii fit I had decided that I would say no to the dishwasher position. I may kibitz about being an professional ice cream scooper at least I deal with people and work with friends.

But oh no. Natalie had a little surprise up her sleeve. Oh yes something that really threw me for a loop. Would I like to be a patient server? Would I? Does Tiffany still send stuff in blue boxes? But don't buy from Tiffany's buy from Farr's. Wish she had called before I signed up for 30 hours of school a week. Yup. Here I a go back to school. But at least this time I have cool red shoes and I'm the cool kid who works at Farr's.

So what do I do?




No eat a three gallon of ice cream instead.



  1. Those are pretty sweet red shoes! The way I see it, there's nothing you can't do with a pair of shoes like that!

  2. If Natalie will work with your school schedule or school will work with McKay Dee's schedule, I say go for it. You will meet lots of doctors and medical office staffers and office managers, and it will let you get your highly cool, red-shoed foot in the door of what might eventually turn out to be the career of your dreams.... :) Good luck!!