Thursday, August 6, 2009

And I Will Sing This Song While I Wash My Dishes

You know that you have reached a new level of life when after two months of searching for a job your luck begins to turn. Finally after months of silence the phone rings. You gasp! Dust off the phone and pick up trying not to sound giddy. A small preview if you will:

BRING (That's the phone in case you are wondering)
Hi this is Blake (cause it's not Momma Joye calling and I don't recognize the number)
Anonymous person:
Hi is Blake Ure there?
Blake: This is him.
Anonymous person: Hi Blake this is Becky from IHC and I was calling to see if you would like to come in for an interview...
This was the moment that I acted like a total high school girl. These were the thoughts that were streaming inside my head "Okay sound calm. Sound cool like your interested but not too interested. Then it was followed by a whole bunch of "Oh my gosh Oh my gosh oh my gosh Shut up! I know totally right! Then the nagging voice inside my head pointed back to the phone and it was like FOCUS!
This is for the dishwasher position. We need you to prepare a 2 minute presentation you can use visual aides.

I think I can do that. (Wait all this for a dishwasher part time position? Seriously? But don't judge)

All right we will see you on Thursday.

So I walked in there today all dressed up so nice and had my flawless presentation ready. I didn't hear the part where this was going to be a group presentations, followed by group assessments, personality test, and what would happen if I got stranded on the moon.

All Jolly fun.

But the called me for a second interview next Tuesday so I must have done something right no?

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  1. Blake! I'm so proud!! Good luck on Tuesday!