Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wash Away...

I have found a new place of solitude. Running around in the patient tower as I deliver food I have discovered there are places I love to visit and places that I'd rather be a million miles away from. In my new place its similar to the LDS temple. I haven't felt peace in a place like this in a long time. Not the quiet moment of peace you experience before you go to asleep, or after you finish reading a wonderful book and you let the book fall to the floor as you embrace the joys of spontaneous nap.

No this is a place of deeper peace.

The one that speaks to your soul.

And tells you that you are part of something bigger.

That life can be fragile.

That burdens can be easily washed away.

Like a sudden rain storm in August.

The kind that billows up in the afternoon.

With just a gentle wind.

And as you sit and watch the clouds let go.

Wishing you could do the same.

Its the oddest place.

Where life comes to an end.

Or restarts.

My place isn't that special.

In fact its a place where you probably never want to visit.

Its the middle ground.

Where many change life goals.

Say goodbye.

Or others wake up.

With renewed purpose.

I found a new place for peace today.

Have you found yours?

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