Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who Can Turn the World on With a Smile?

So I have a confession. I have a small fascination with theme songs from TV shows. I love the jaunty beat and the overall theme that sets the tone for the show. Take Mary Tyler Moore for instance you know whatever hijinks and trouble she is going to get in she is going to make it after all. Or the OC with those beautiful panoramic shots of Newport beach or my all time favorite Cheers. You knew that everybody was friends down at Sam's Bar.

So what does my odd fascination with theme songs and today's post? In my new adventure of starting something new I wonder what would be my theme song for this new job? Is it going to be jaunty (like How I met Your Mother?) Intense like House? What will be the montage shots of me doing?Of course I will be smiling but what else? It is an intersting thought. When in the great hereafter and your life movie is being played what do you want it to be? With a lovely happy upbeat theme or one of those dark and depressing ones?

Just some thoughts to think about.

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  1. you like the OC?? Have we discussed it before? if not then we should've been.