Monday, August 17, 2009

I Can't Give You Anything But Love..

Dear Blake,

Its Me! Jorge! Why do you feel that you can torment me with those loafs of banana bread you made last week for your chica neighbors and think that you can just mix with me like there hasn't been any beef. I mean really! I mixed and mixed for you and the second that you are like "I'm taking a brief dieting break you try to get back up on this ice blue ghetto bowl of mine you are dreaming. Cause I am a strong independent mixer and you can't bring me down. No sir."
Through the marvelous help of LOLA (Yes I have conversations with your show girl couch too.) I realize that I am going to strike out on my own and be big. You hear that? Beyonce Single Ladies Big.

Please don't put me back in cabinet. I promise I will be a good mixer. I will wait for you! But I need commitment. I need security.
Call ME!


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