Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Way Or Another They're Gonna Getcha

( I seriously need to take more pictures.)

I am officially announcing my true and utter distaste of teenage vampire fiction/movies/posters/my name is Edward and I glow in the sun. (Perhaps a little too much fake baking there Edward? Skin Cancer hello!) last night as I was celebrating the last night in the bungalow I had to take back a movie back to Hastings. For your information it was not Twilight. Being a tad bit bored I decided to take a gander around the store to see if there was anything worth reading in the future. (Budget small dreams big!)

Walking up and down the isles the newest books were all vampires this and vampires that. If this is the new idea of love a glorified hickie? Seriously? I get the whole fantasy of having somebody imortally loving you but if you aren't immortal that's going to get a one sided ugly. Fast. Before you think that I am blasting vampire fiction I have you know that I did read Ann Rice and I enjoyed it. Tried to read the whole Edward/Bella/Jacob/ whoever else but I just couldn't do it.

But perhaps this bitterness of vampire fiction comes from a darker place. Moving. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate to be visually reminded about how much crap I have. I purge and it grows back. I have materialitis maybe? Why is it we need so much? Why do I need so much to feel secure? Plates/dishes/ clothes/ artwork. This time I'm moving back in with the mother till I have enough saved to get my own apartment.

Which will be soon.

I promise.

But with out vampires.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Open Me Up And You Will See I am A Gallery of Broken Hearts

They say that home is where the heart is.

I guess I haven't found my home.

Cause I'm a little lost.

A little


Pieces of me here.

Pieces of me there.

Sometimes I wonder if

I'm everywhere.

but here.

I'm broken.

all over the place.



Who am I?

My name is Blake FARR URE.

I can tell you stories.

I tell you stories.

So I am not lost.

Take me in your heart.

Share me with others.

Give me to others.

So if I disappear you can say.

He was here.



If I was stronger I could tell you.

Of that which is inside of me.

What would be revealed on the surgeon's table?

Besides my organs?

Would they tell you my story?

Would the words be written on my bones? From my head down to my toes?

My ribs.

They hold it together.

My story.

Where the heart is.

Is where my home is.

It is where I is.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Don't Know Why I'm Frightened...

I dreamed it snowed last night. Snow was falling. Yet I had no idea where I was. It was as if all the places I had awakened to see snow had combined to create a multi layered world. The window was framed with all sorts of different aspects.

When snow comes it covers all the imperfections that show up.

Ever want to have instant weight loss? Buy yourself a huge puffy coat (as seen above) wear two or three layers underneath. Then when you show up at a party, or church, or work you take such a great deal taking off each layer. Think a well planned burlesque dance. By the time you get down to the very last layer your looking pretty skinny and all your friends and coworkers are going to go wow! Who is that skinny person.

Just stay away from a scale.

(Post edit.

Where in the hell do I come up with this? Oh well. I hope you enjoyed it.)

Post post edit.

I think this is the first time I have used HELL-o in my blog.

Why am I thinking of snow? What is wrong with me?


Don't answer that.

Let me have my dreams.

They are like paper.

They tear so easily.

Again with the sappiness.

See this is what happens when I don't blog for awhile. madness.

Pure and utter madness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lets Go Buy Everbody Sweaters and Teach Them How to Dance

Hey you !

Yes You!

Did you notice fall was coming today?

Time to cool down a little.

Take off those swimsuits. Pull out the sweaters. The scarfs. The coats.

Put away the lawn mower.

Bring out the pumpkins.

Walk among the colors of the trees.

Feel the chill.

Preparing to bring a cup of cheer to neighbors.

Cause Fall is here!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happiness is A Guy Named Joe

(Thanks Lindsay for letting me borrow this photo)

I thought of this picture today. Cause I've been thinking about humility and the how when in the moments we do our best we often need a lift to get us home. A little background on the photo. The princess had finished another award wining marathon but needed a ride home. So Joey being the wonderful man he is obliged.

Cause he's cool like that.

Like super cool.

Way better than the farmer cool. (Less parental issues and no cows are involved.) Earlier today I tried writing a post about how sometimes we need to be lifted by others till we are stronger to stand on our own. But sometimes I get tired talking about myself and so focusing on the humility aspect I thought I would focus on Joey.

Why is Joey a super lifter? Cause he makes my sister happy. Not like the fake big smile to your molars smile but the the genuine giggle out loud funny. Cause he's the only person I've seen vacation with the whole Farr clan and live to tell about it. In fact he fit in so well everybody was asking down at the beach "Where's Joey?"

Also Joey loves his candy. And who can't like a person who loves candy?

Plus he supports the princess as she tries to prove to the world that physically can be a iron woman. And he's there at the finish line with a smile on his face and a hug. But that's not all. He did the John Muir Trail. Just cause he wanted to.

He creates cool buildings too.

So who is your super lifter in your life? Have you told them thanks lately?

Cause they might need it.

Just a thought.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sort Of...Kinda..Maybe..

Have you ever heard the saying that in life is a matter of nothing happening and then all at once everything happens. Today in church I had a sudden thought of clarity. An AHA! Moment. What would you want people to know about your life that you have lead if suddenly you disappeared from the face of the earth? What would be your final statement.

(This is not a morbid post but rather a thought building one.)

If I was suddenly gone I would look over the mountain trails I had walked and I would drop a stone on the door steps of all the people who have been my life teachers and on those rocks I would write one word for the lessons they have taught me through the years.

As I lifted higher I would try to visit all the places that meant so much to me, gaze around the rooms where I spent all my happy times. Look at the fences I gossiped over. The bathrooms I cried in, and I would seek the friends who teach me so much in a moment of peace and I would whisper in their ear a silent thank you.

Rising higher as the world looked like a sphere I would say I lived my life. I tried to fill each moment and I loved my life. I loved my mistakes. (I hate that question "if you could undo any mistake which one would you do?" I always answer nothing. Cause If I had a chance to do redo I would do the same mistakes. What can I say? I'm stubborn.)

I love my life.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I need you Help! Actually Noelle needs you help.

I need your help.

My Friend Noelle's brother is in the running for a free LASIKS. Which is great for blind people us hearing impaired people dream of the day. Anyway if you read this before wen please go to hoopesvision.com/contest. If you have questions. let me know. Blog post tomorrow and long explanation of where I have been.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walking in the Street in your Worn Out Shoes..

I love coming home !

I took a little rest and relaxation trip this weekend. One of those where you throw anything in a suitcase and a good book and off you go. It wasn't about the destination but rather getting away from my life for three days and look at things from another angle. It was such a relaxing trip that I didn't even take one picture.

Not one.

Do you have a group of people who give you wisdom? The ones who look at you through the fatty cells and see you for who you are? They tell you the things a soul needs to hear.

I needed that.

I'm refreshed.