Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Don't Know Why I'm Frightened...

I dreamed it snowed last night. Snow was falling. Yet I had no idea where I was. It was as if all the places I had awakened to see snow had combined to create a multi layered world. The window was framed with all sorts of different aspects.

When snow comes it covers all the imperfections that show up.

Ever want to have instant weight loss? Buy yourself a huge puffy coat (as seen above) wear two or three layers underneath. Then when you show up at a party, or church, or work you take such a great deal taking off each layer. Think a well planned burlesque dance. By the time you get down to the very last layer your looking pretty skinny and all your friends and coworkers are going to go wow! Who is that skinny person.

Just stay away from a scale.

(Post edit.

Where in the hell do I come up with this? Oh well. I hope you enjoyed it.)

Post post edit.

I think this is the first time I have used HELL-o in my blog.

Why am I thinking of snow? What is wrong with me?


Don't answer that.

Let me have my dreams.

They are like paper.

They tear so easily.

Again with the sappiness.

See this is what happens when I don't blog for awhile. madness.

Pure and utter madness.


  1. YAY! its finally letting me leave a comment! half the time I can't get it to work! I love this post, I am a little excited for snow but not really at the same time. Just excited for FALL!

  2. I actually got out my ski stuff this week. Sick I know, but I just wanted to make sure it was all found before it got to cold to go poking around in my parents garage.