Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happiness is A Guy Named Joe

(Thanks Lindsay for letting me borrow this photo)

I thought of this picture today. Cause I've been thinking about humility and the how when in the moments we do our best we often need a lift to get us home. A little background on the photo. The princess had finished another award wining marathon but needed a ride home. So Joey being the wonderful man he is obliged.

Cause he's cool like that.

Like super cool.

Way better than the farmer cool. (Less parental issues and no cows are involved.) Earlier today I tried writing a post about how sometimes we need to be lifted by others till we are stronger to stand on our own. But sometimes I get tired talking about myself and so focusing on the humility aspect I thought I would focus on Joey.

Why is Joey a super lifter? Cause he makes my sister happy. Not like the fake big smile to your molars smile but the the genuine giggle out loud funny. Cause he's the only person I've seen vacation with the whole Farr clan and live to tell about it. In fact he fit in so well everybody was asking down at the beach "Where's Joey?"

Also Joey loves his candy. And who can't like a person who loves candy?

Plus he supports the princess as she tries to prove to the world that physically can be a iron woman. And he's there at the finish line with a smile on his face and a hug. But that's not all. He did the John Muir Trail. Just cause he wanted to.

He creates cool buildings too.

So who is your super lifter in your life? Have you told them thanks lately?

Cause they might need it.

Just a thought.


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  1. Great post, Blake. You seriously ought to think about becoming a writer. I mean, a paid one.