Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Around Again..

(This is me working on a post thought you would want to see where the "magic" happens. Yes my drink is on a coaster don't worry!)

Have you ever wondered when something wonderful is going to happen to you? Lately I have been invited to share my presence in celebrating the union of two souls who fell in love, people who answered the phone and were offered wonderful job opportunities, and some through the magic of their union are welcoming a new addition to their families. When I woke up this morning I buried deep inside the comforter and in that moment of wakefulness and sleep I pondered on what and where my life was going.

It was a interesting question to ponder on.

What would you do if you every step you took landed you right back in the same place you were in six years ago?

I felt rage.

(Wait stay with me there is going to be a positive twist coming)

I was given one of those rare Josie Grossey Moments. If you could go back to the moment that your life changed and change the outcome would you do it? Working at Farr's isn't exactly the most glamorous moment in my life.

But its a job.

It pays the bills.

After running on the treadmill I realized that sometimes we have to prepare ourselves accept change and adversity. To transition often requires us to go back to previous places and thoughts. Going back to Farr's allows me to see that I have friends who work there that are the ones cheering on the sidelines wishing me the best.

Sometimes its nice to get support instead of being the supporter.

Through all of this I must thank my Dad. Instead of focusing on the negative he pushes me each day and allows me to live in the Bungalow allowing me to preserve some act of self pride. He has that rare talent to see the bright side of the situation, to look at something at a different angle in order to see how it works in the deeper realm of my life. As sappy and trite as that sounds I am lucky. Very Very lucky.

Things change and will get better. Like the weather the number one thing you can count on in life is change.I am waiting for five minutes for the change to come.

So perhaps this will be my moment to get that phone call, that "magical" moment where there will be a union of two souls, and EVENTUALLY get a surprise edition to my future family. Something will come.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lady in Red

This is mormon red death also available in slush all at a very Low price so come on down to Farr Better Ice Cream and place an order today. Available for all your Mormon functions! So once again thats Mormon red death available at Farr Better Ice Cream.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its a Nice Day for a White Wedding..

I went to Val and Greg's wedding tonight at Union Station. Normally I'm not a wedding kind of guy. When you are single any shred of self preservation gets thrown out the window. Finally gaining acceptance for being single? Not anymore at these shingdings. Its all will the married people come to the dance floor and chicken dances.

Normally I do the quick meet and greet " Oh congrats to you!" ( to the groom) "You look wonderful! Thanks for inviting me!" (To the bride) and if the parents are there then standing in front of them making awkward conversation "Yes Ms. Mcpinerkinckle that was me who encouraged your daughter to throw water ballons out of the car at the officer" and then I drop my gift eat a handful of dinnermints and peanuts, graze by the mormon red death and then book it to my car.

Not at this wedding.

Oh no. We danced so hard I think I lost three pounds in sweat weight.

Since I am talking about weddings I must give thanks to the Momma who taught me three essential aspects of wedding receptions.

Dances that you must know:
1. The electric slide
2. Boot Scooting Boogey
3. The Hustle (Cause you never know and its always good to have a backup).

Always wear a white shirt so the sweat doesn't show.

Depends if its sheet or homemade. If it looks like a bargin basement special at Walmart then move on.

Thus these skills saved me tonight from essential boredom.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Dreamed A Dream...

I don't usually lust after cars. Brownies, Ice Cream, Sprinkles yes. Cars not so much. Now don't get me wrong. I am a guy after all. I can go to a dealership or car shows (love them) but I was never one to put car photos all over my room tell you all the weird stats on how big the engine is etc. I have always been pratical when it comes to cars. When my father got me the Galaxie back in the 1960's it was quite the family car when I owned it so many people told me that their families had that car etc. Then when the Galaxie had its tragic death I went in search for a new car. While this was the opportunity to buy something really sporty and adventerous I bought a subuaru station wagon. It was pratical, blue, and could get me home in a snowstorm.
Then I came home from my mission and once again I was car less. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the princess I came into possession of the civic. Though it lacks four doors it fits 2 of the three car requirements pratical and could get me home in a snow storm.
As my friend Loren says when it comes to cars I am rather boring. In fact in his words I'm one step from getting a Buick.
But that changed today.
Oh goodness that changed.
I saw the new camaro and I wanted it.
Like frosting wants a cake.
I needed it.
I wanted it.
Oh baby Oh baby.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Heart Belongs to Me...

This pic has absolutely nothing to do with today's post except that it relates to yesterday's post about phone relationships and since we are all connected in this circle of life I figured why not start off a post with a pic of me and telephone to get you all confused. Cause I'm crazy like that.
Today I feel bad for gossip magazines covers. There is so much going on in the entertainment world today. MJ died, Farrah Fawcett succumed to cancer and John and Kate Marriage imploded.
What covers do you run?
As absolutely stupid as this question sounds I have have been fighting succumbing to mindless entertainment. I need something to challenge me, move me push me, fling me off a wall into giant vat of pudding, just something to make me feel that I am progressing in life.
I used to mock those mimes on that were on televison pretending that they were stuck in a box. Didn't they realize that they were outside? That people were looking at them like they were absolutely nuts. Now I am wondering if they aren't a metaphor for what I am feeling.
I should feel that I am on top of the world I am free from college and life is just starting.
Why am I so afraid?
What is holding me back?
Who am I suppose to be?
I better stop with these questions. I'm starting to sound like a really bad Barbra Streisand song. These were quesitons that I had as I ran on the ellicptical machine today.
I hope tomorrow I have deep thoughts about a twinkie.
One can dream right?

I'm just waiting by the telephone...

I have a love/relationship with the telephone. The Momma's phone line never stops ringing. When I first moved down from Logan I was so busy you know dealing with geysers spouting off in the backyard, Hawaiian vacations, and just running all over getting used to be home in Ogden.
Last night I had the night off (rare ocasion) and I was bored. There is so much of basic cable/laundry/and house chores that a person can handle.

So I had the phone right next to me. I looked at it. It looked at me. I willed it to ring. I begged it to ring. I could imagne all the conversations people were having "Oh we must call him but he is probably so busy" "oh we can not bother him" you know and I sat there by the phone going hoh hum you know .

Then I realized that in order to have people call you there actually has to be an interaction you know. Its not one sided but rather I need to remove myself outside of my self imposed exhile from the rather happening social life that must be occuring in O-town.

So picture me calling you and asking you to cruise Washington Blvd. Would you go? Can you imagne how fun that would be? Crank some Backstreet boys and Spice Girls show how crusing is really done!


Are you ready for this?

Its been a while...

Bridget Jones Moment!
Weight: 215
Water: 3 liters
Steps walked: Didn't have my pedometer.
Left over Breakfeast Scone from Birthday feast
Mac and Cheese (Same for dinner)
scoop of ice cream. Oh I feel so dirty.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open a New Window..

This is the 2009 honeymoon pic of the Princess and I. She the Ironwoman and I the writer. This is the first year I could go to the beach and take my shirt off and be like I'm actually skinner than the gold lame` speedo man. Yes he does exist and yes I am trying to find the picture I took of him. He had that grey chest hair that sprouted off his chest like a hairy fur man coat. One thing going on the gratitude list is that I am not a hairy beast. Thank you genes thank you.

Anyway another reason why I posted this pic is because yesterday was the 25th anniversary of The Princess and I being brother and sister. Since either one of us isn't planning marriage anytime soon ( That is why the parental unit had the little nip insurance policy for grandkids) anyway at the Great Aunt's and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary we came up with a brillant idea. We would throw a huge party at our 50th for being brother and sister. So in 25 years you are all invited for the 50th. Though 25 was great it was kinda rough. Everybody was busy.

Its hard to throw yourself back into the life you left almost five years ago. When I left Ogden I had to make new friends, new town, and even a new grocrey store. But when I left Logan I felt like I left home. On the Fisherman's birthday (May 2nd write it down send a card) it rained so hard. It was what my grams (Not Grandma Dar but a wise woman from my mission) called a funneral rain. With the civic loaded up with all my possesions I drove on main street crying my eyes out and I was scared to go home. Isn't that silly?

Now I am getting settled. Finally subscribed to the paper and got the most bare boned basic cable and internet package. Had a princess moment on the phone and got a great deal. Who knew? The butt pain is starting to diminsh. Yippe!
But a even more wonderful birthday surprise. The Momma got me a gift certificate to Gold's Gym! Now I can start up the Mamma Mia workout again!
Perhaps being 25 isn't so bad.
Maybe this is the year I get married.
Get a job.
Make my parents grandparents.
Or not.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Now that its My Birthday I Don't Know What to Do...

These are the strawberries I picked from the backyard of the bungalow a couple of days ago. It was a great night.
I am 25 today!
It's the Princess and I's 25th celeberation of being brother and sister.
Internet is coming to the Bungalow tomorrow.
Cable too.
Now when I have burst of workout and funny inspiration I can write it out for you.
I want to sign up for a gym membership. Any suggestions?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Papa can you hear me?

Me:Happy Father's Day Dad!

Dad: After 27 of them they are kinda the same.

Oh Well.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I said Doctor! Uhe Ching chang walla bing bang...

I got an epidural today. My sympathies to all the pregant ladies. Earlier I had blogged about wanting to get one to have some relief from the scaitc back pain. In theory it sounded wonderful. Yet when I was in that room mooning the Dr. man trying to make small conversation (brief excerpt What about that weather yesterday?") then Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma'm! Now my butt is numb. Remember when you got to go ice blocking for a church activity and even though you used a towel after the end of the night your butt was numb?

Thats how I feel right now.

Numb butt.

Thought you would like to know.

You can't be the final word in Driver Licences...

This pic has nothing to do with today's post except that I liked the Little Aunt going excuse me?

Yesterday was a grown up day. I got a new drivers license yesterday which thrilled me. No more vertical licence! Then I went to the denist and got a new toothbrush which always makes me happy. Its been a crazy couple of days.

That and it's my 25th birthday on monday.

All I want is a Bleeding Armidillo cake.

Oh and world peace of course.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radio I think I'm in Love with My Radio...

Here we is. I realized that between the Princess and the Little Nip I've got issues with my weight and being moviated. The Princess is training for a Ultra Iron Man (The Race not the movie) and the Little Nip just ran a half marathon with the Momma. My claim to fame? I started this blog.
At first this was going to be a pity blog post. Woe is me. Fat is me. Death to the Devil's Starchy Fingers aka French Fries. But I as I was lounging in the glorious Maui sun like a cooked lobster I realized that this blog gives me some strenght ,however not strong enough to heif my self on the scale after the wonderful visit to the Doctor's office, airplane bloat (it exist google it), and all those Sour Patch Watermelons gotta get absorbed.
I'm intrupting this post for an important FYI:
Being fat is the best thing for getting a epidural it cushions the needle when it gets inserted in your back.
Who knew?
Perhaps tomorrow I will be brave enough to get on the scale.
Maybe not.
Oh Well. Death to the Devil's Starchy Fingers. (Make that your war cry. Not Zion! Zion!)

I'm Coming Home on A Jet Plane



(He's my cousin just in case you are wondering.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homeward Bound

Aloha Hoi!
If you have ever been to Lagoon I love to ride the fire dragon roller coaster called the Colussus (I know I spelt it wrong but I'm too lazy to Google how to spell it.) as you ride up the general uptake you get this feeling of apprehension and a little bit of exicitment then after the last clicky clack you drop going down through crazy turns and then suddenly you go upside down through two huge hoops. As you go right to the center of the circle your hair and body feels like it flipped upside down. You feel like you are standing right but upside down.
Thats how I feel after doing an all nighter on the Red Eye flight back home from Maui. If you didn't understand the previous post think of riding the tea cup ride at Disneyland 3 times in a row (or was it four?) and then walking back to your hotel. Thats how I feel at the moment.
Absolutly looped.
But anyway. I missed you all. I had no way to blog each day from the beach or else I would have blogged everyday. So get exicited. Stories and pics coming tomorrow. Or at 3 in the morning depending on how I handle getting back to Utah time.
I'm back I promise!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Dear Readers,

I am here in Maui lounging by the ocean and thinking of you. Hopefully nobody will yell beached whale!



P.S Postings are going to be a little sparse cause I will be busy working on my tan.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Want to Ride My Bicyle..Bicycle...

On my rare day off from the FARR'S (Come visit me my offer for 2 free scoops are still good if you want more information see yesterday's post)
I had a great day. I woke up watered the lawn talked to my flowers it was a rather fruity conversation a brief excerpt:

Me: My Coconut you are just blooming! Keep it up! We need to get you some potting soil to keep you upright now don't we?

Coconut: silent

Me: Mr. Mango! What is wrong with you? You are a little droopy today. Is it Ras? Is she giving you grief? Lets move you to another warm spot shall we?

Mr. Mango: Silent

I won't bother you with the rest of the conversation. Needless to say I was in need for person to person conversation. It was in the middle of watering Watermelon that my Father stopped by for a "surprise inspection" of the bungalow and to race at the Business Depot.

My childhood has revolved around the bicycle since I can rememeber. Weekends of bike tires, men in spandex, and many hours of boredom for a few moments of flash of color. Remeber this was pre-Lance Armstrong. While kids Dads watched the Superbowl or NBA playoffs I could rattle off the stats on all the Tour De France winners.

Yet last night was the first time that I had been to a bike race after the disaterous Logan to Jackson race of 2002. But that's a different post for another day.

As I sat on top of the trusty Honda I watched my Dad raced.

I was impressed.

I was proud.

I got a free meal at Jumbo burgers. ( I got the Hawaiian Burger. Seemed rather festive).

The pic above is dad on the white bike talking to Weston about the race. It was beautiful night. Also since there is nothing to do till the racers race by I took some pics. Enjoy!

Socks and Sandals. A common offense at Bicylce racers. This plague needs to be stopped. Do people a favor hide their socks from their sandals and the world will thank you!

SPANDEX! Need I say More?

Bridget Jones Moment:


Attitude: A little Blue

Water: 4 liters

Breakfeast: 40z of yogurt

Lunch: Sandy's Grilled chicken Pesto sandwhich (half) and pasta salad

Dinner: Hawaiian Burger with French fries. Sometimes you just have to silence the inner beast.

Ps. This is yesterday's Bridget Jones Moment.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Long Ago and So Far Away...

I always wish I had a brillant oneliner to open up my blog post. I don't have a problem with the song title of the post because working at Farr's and FM 100 have given me many if not thousands of great annoying lines to start off a blog post. But today I am suffering strong blogging issues. What to say? What to do? What is it about me and you? See I have been rhyming all morning which is normally fine but tonight is the night I get to work down at my beloved Farrs.
I have remained strong. No wonderfully creamy marvelous dariy product has touched these virgin lips. Yet I crave for it. Desire for it. I scoop the wonderfully creamy delicious white pearl like ocean of moose tracks finding the deep rumblings of the fudge swirl and small islands of the chocolate covered peanut butter pieces and I begin to lose self control. It is like the feeling of strange lust over takes my body. Then when I create a moment of seperation between us as I hand one of cone like children off to a customer the desire ends. Then I am forced to scoop out of the wonderfully color of pink tinted bubblegum with the multi colored facets of bubble gum pieces and I am back to where I was before.
My Strength is weaking.
I need you readers. Come visit me.
Only one person has. Thanks Sarah for relieving me of my burden of two FREE SCOOPS. Did I mention that they are FREE? I don't want them. So somebody please come and take them off my hands. This is a limited time offer folks. Visit tonight and I'll throw in a brief blurb tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I had a Million Dollars but I spent it All!

This is my dangerous image. The rough and tumble I'm from Ogden don't mess with me look. So after my cattle weigh in last night and a rather intersting conversation with Momma Joye I thought to myself do I contiue to blog? Am I doing a good deed in the world for people?
But allow me to have a tiny Oprah moment: (As you can tell I am rather fond of having "moments")
I was really not happy. I mean really not happy picture small child throwing tandrum really not happy.
Then I realized it was a major disappointment yesterday I mean really. You get all exicited to go to a Hawaiian tropical paradise thinking you've lost a bunch of weight and then you hear that you are closer to your orginal weight than you thought.
But there is always room for improvement right?
A little glimmer of hope?
Something to stave off the deep desire to stuff my face with Almond Joys?
Like I told the Momma Joye. I like my blog. Its honest.
So don't worry.
I am here to stay.
Unlike John and Kate.
Which might become John plus Four and Kate plus Four.
I am so funny.
Bridget Jones half time moment.
Weight. Fat
Attitude: little better.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Green Arces is the Place for Me!

I was so lucky today. I got to go to the Dr. Man to fix my Scaitica problem. Lately it has been so bad that I envy pregant ladies when they get the epidural. I normally hate needles with a passion (mainly because they make me feel like a live vodoo doll) but the thought of having some wonderfully bliss from this annoying pain that is my jiggleicous (take that Fergie) butt.

Here is where the story suddenly takes a weird turn to the left. I sat there in the Dr. Man's office waiting as usual reading those gloriously outdated magazines. I love the outdated ones because then I get to catch up on all the latest drama for your mama. When my name was called the nice Medical Assistant opened up the chute and I was allowed to stand on that wonderfully glorious scale.

Remember how I was Juile Andrews standing on top of a mountian happy yesterday?

After this moment not so much.

This is what flashed on the Scale.


So smacking my gum (like a cow chews its cud) I looked over at the nice Medical assistant and I mooed.

Then waddled down the hall.

Bridget Jones Moment
Weight: 218.3
Attitude: Not Very Nice.
Steps: 3.5 Miles or 6720 steps.
Water: 1 liter
Eggs with 4 oz of yogurt.
Wendy's Side Salad with Jr. Bacon Cheese burger (the little one!) with no bun.
Grilled Veggies and BBQ beef.
1 Java Chip Frap. (Don't judge. I'm not in the mood for it).