Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Around Again..

(This is me working on a post thought you would want to see where the "magic" happens. Yes my drink is on a coaster don't worry!)

Have you ever wondered when something wonderful is going to happen to you? Lately I have been invited to share my presence in celebrating the union of two souls who fell in love, people who answered the phone and were offered wonderful job opportunities, and some through the magic of their union are welcoming a new addition to their families. When I woke up this morning I buried deep inside the comforter and in that moment of wakefulness and sleep I pondered on what and where my life was going.

It was a interesting question to ponder on.

What would you do if you every step you took landed you right back in the same place you were in six years ago?

I felt rage.

(Wait stay with me there is going to be a positive twist coming)

I was given one of those rare Josie Grossey Moments. If you could go back to the moment that your life changed and change the outcome would you do it? Working at Farr's isn't exactly the most glamorous moment in my life.

But its a job.

It pays the bills.

After running on the treadmill I realized that sometimes we have to prepare ourselves accept change and adversity. To transition often requires us to go back to previous places and thoughts. Going back to Farr's allows me to see that I have friends who work there that are the ones cheering on the sidelines wishing me the best.

Sometimes its nice to get support instead of being the supporter.

Through all of this I must thank my Dad. Instead of focusing on the negative he pushes me each day and allows me to live in the Bungalow allowing me to preserve some act of self pride. He has that rare talent to see the bright side of the situation, to look at something at a different angle in order to see how it works in the deeper realm of my life. As sappy and trite as that sounds I am lucky. Very Very lucky.

Things change and will get better. Like the weather the number one thing you can count on in life is change.I am waiting for five minutes for the change to come.

So perhaps this will be my moment to get that phone call, that "magical" moment where there will be a union of two souls, and EVENTUALLY get a surprise edition to my future family. Something will come.

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