Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm just waiting by the telephone...

I have a love/relationship with the telephone. The Momma's phone line never stops ringing. When I first moved down from Logan I was so busy you know dealing with geysers spouting off in the backyard, Hawaiian vacations, and just running all over getting used to be home in Ogden.
Last night I had the night off (rare ocasion) and I was bored. There is so much of basic cable/laundry/and house chores that a person can handle.

So I had the phone right next to me. I looked at it. It looked at me. I willed it to ring. I begged it to ring. I could imagne all the conversations people were having "Oh we must call him but he is probably so busy" "oh we can not bother him" you know and I sat there by the phone going hoh hum you know .

Then I realized that in order to have people call you there actually has to be an interaction you know. Its not one sided but rather I need to remove myself outside of my self imposed exhile from the rather happening social life that must be occuring in O-town.

So picture me calling you and asking you to cruise Washington Blvd. Would you go? Can you imagne how fun that would be? Crank some Backstreet boys and Spice Girls show how crusing is really done!


Are you ready for this?

Its been a while...

Bridget Jones Moment!
Weight: 215
Water: 3 liters
Steps walked: Didn't have my pedometer.
Left over Breakfeast Scone from Birthday feast
Mac and Cheese (Same for dinner)
scoop of ice cream. Oh I feel so dirty.

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