Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I had a Million Dollars but I spent it All!

This is my dangerous image. The rough and tumble I'm from Ogden don't mess with me look. So after my cattle weigh in last night and a rather intersting conversation with Momma Joye I thought to myself do I contiue to blog? Am I doing a good deed in the world for people?
But allow me to have a tiny Oprah moment: (As you can tell I am rather fond of having "moments")
I was really not happy. I mean really not happy picture small child throwing tandrum really not happy.
Then I realized it was a major disappointment yesterday I mean really. You get all exicited to go to a Hawaiian tropical paradise thinking you've lost a bunch of weight and then you hear that you are closer to your orginal weight than you thought.
But there is always room for improvement right?
A little glimmer of hope?
Something to stave off the deep desire to stuff my face with Almond Joys?
Like I told the Momma Joye. I like my blog. Its honest.
So don't worry.
I am here to stay.
Unlike John and Kate.
Which might become John plus Four and Kate plus Four.
I am so funny.
Bridget Jones half time moment.
Weight. Fat
Attitude: little better.

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  1. I was shaking in my boots when I saw your "Bad Boy" picture. :) Ha ha! I love your blog and you know what keep on truckin Blake! The true story on life is that your weight changes all the time! You are amazing and I love ya!