Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Long Ago and So Far Away...

I always wish I had a brillant oneliner to open up my blog post. I don't have a problem with the song title of the post because working at Farr's and FM 100 have given me many if not thousands of great annoying lines to start off a blog post. But today I am suffering strong blogging issues. What to say? What to do? What is it about me and you? See I have been rhyming all morning which is normally fine but tonight is the night I get to work down at my beloved Farrs.
I have remained strong. No wonderfully creamy marvelous dariy product has touched these virgin lips. Yet I crave for it. Desire for it. I scoop the wonderfully creamy delicious white pearl like ocean of moose tracks finding the deep rumblings of the fudge swirl and small islands of the chocolate covered peanut butter pieces and I begin to lose self control. It is like the feeling of strange lust over takes my body. Then when I create a moment of seperation between us as I hand one of cone like children off to a customer the desire ends. Then I am forced to scoop out of the wonderfully color of pink tinted bubblegum with the multi colored facets of bubble gum pieces and I am back to where I was before.
My Strength is weaking.
I need you readers. Come visit me.
Only one person has. Thanks Sarah for relieving me of my burden of two FREE SCOOPS. Did I mention that they are FREE? I don't want them. So somebody please come and take them off my hands. This is a limited time offer folks. Visit tonight and I'll throw in a brief blurb tomorrow.

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  1. Blake I would come but it' a bit far for me to drive. Hang in there Blake, I still think you're doing great and you always make my day!
    Love ya, Auntie Pam