Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Heart Belongs to Me...

This pic has absolutely nothing to do with today's post except that it relates to yesterday's post about phone relationships and since we are all connected in this circle of life I figured why not start off a post with a pic of me and telephone to get you all confused. Cause I'm crazy like that.
Today I feel bad for gossip magazines covers. There is so much going on in the entertainment world today. MJ died, Farrah Fawcett succumed to cancer and John and Kate Marriage imploded.
What covers do you run?
As absolutely stupid as this question sounds I have have been fighting succumbing to mindless entertainment. I need something to challenge me, move me push me, fling me off a wall into giant vat of pudding, just something to make me feel that I am progressing in life.
I used to mock those mimes on that were on televison pretending that they were stuck in a box. Didn't they realize that they were outside? That people were looking at them like they were absolutely nuts. Now I am wondering if they aren't a metaphor for what I am feeling.
I should feel that I am on top of the world I am free from college and life is just starting.
Why am I so afraid?
What is holding me back?
Who am I suppose to be?
I better stop with these questions. I'm starting to sound like a really bad Barbra Streisand song. These were quesitons that I had as I ran on the ellicptical machine today.
I hope tomorrow I have deep thoughts about a twinkie.
One can dream right?

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  1. Oh Blake, I am sorry. That is not so fun of a feeling but a wonderful analogy. I hope you start to find some of the answers in your life soon, thanks for always lighting up my life!! :)