Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radio I think I'm in Love with My Radio...

Here we is. I realized that between the Princess and the Little Nip I've got issues with my weight and being moviated. The Princess is training for a Ultra Iron Man (The Race not the movie) and the Little Nip just ran a half marathon with the Momma. My claim to fame? I started this blog.
At first this was going to be a pity blog post. Woe is me. Fat is me. Death to the Devil's Starchy Fingers aka French Fries. But I as I was lounging in the glorious Maui sun like a cooked lobster I realized that this blog gives me some strenght ,however not strong enough to heif my self on the scale after the wonderful visit to the Doctor's office, airplane bloat (it exist google it), and all those Sour Patch Watermelons gotta get absorbed.
I'm intrupting this post for an important FYI:
Being fat is the best thing for getting a epidural it cushions the needle when it gets inserted in your back.
Who knew?
Perhaps tomorrow I will be brave enough to get on the scale.
Maybe not.
Oh Well. Death to the Devil's Starchy Fingers. (Make that your war cry. Not Zion! Zion!)


  1. Oh Blake I love you, you crack me up. I can't believe Hunter and Emily and mama joye! they kill me, I'm so not a runner, but they are crazy to be able to run like that! I wouldn't want to stand next too those 2 in Hawaii either I don't blame you. Good luck!

  2. You're awsome, Blake. "The Devil's Starchy Fingers." YES!! I might have to borrow that someday - I will give credit where credit is due, though.

    And y'know, the only way I could run would be if something awfully big and scary were chasing me. So don't feel too bad - maybe that's just "Ure" genetics coming out...

    "Aunty" Joi Lin