Friday, June 26, 2009

I Dreamed A Dream...

I don't usually lust after cars. Brownies, Ice Cream, Sprinkles yes. Cars not so much. Now don't get me wrong. I am a guy after all. I can go to a dealership or car shows (love them) but I was never one to put car photos all over my room tell you all the weird stats on how big the engine is etc. I have always been pratical when it comes to cars. When my father got me the Galaxie back in the 1960's it was quite the family car when I owned it so many people told me that their families had that car etc. Then when the Galaxie had its tragic death I went in search for a new car. While this was the opportunity to buy something really sporty and adventerous I bought a subuaru station wagon. It was pratical, blue, and could get me home in a snowstorm.
Then I came home from my mission and once again I was car less. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the princess I came into possession of the civic. Though it lacks four doors it fits 2 of the three car requirements pratical and could get me home in a snow storm.
As my friend Loren says when it comes to cars I am rather boring. In fact in his words I'm one step from getting a Buick.
But that changed today.
Oh goodness that changed.
I saw the new camaro and I wanted it.
Like frosting wants a cake.
I needed it.
I wanted it.
Oh baby Oh baby.

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  1. OH YA! I con't help what kind of idiot I am when I see one of those too! Great choice in cars! And that's coming from a car girl. LOVE IT!