Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walking in the Street in your Worn Out Shoes..

I love coming home !

I took a little rest and relaxation trip this weekend. One of those where you throw anything in a suitcase and a good book and off you go. It wasn't about the destination but rather getting away from my life for three days and look at things from another angle. It was such a relaxing trip that I didn't even take one picture.

Not one.

Do you have a group of people who give you wisdom? The ones who look at you through the fatty cells and see you for who you are? They tell you the things a soul needs to hear.

I needed that.

I'm refreshed.

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  1. blake! So good to see you the other night!! Are you not working there anymore??? Good luck with School and new job!! LOVE you're blog. You're an amazing writer. I get sucked it everytime. :)