Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Confessions of A Ice Cream Scooper.

It is time for me to reveal the truth behind the ice cream scooping. Many have wondered what is the secret behind the magic at Farr Better Ice Cream. The scooper code relies on secrecy and very strong hand to wrist action. For this one night only I will reveal the truth behind the magic.

1. We hate the long lines just as much as you do.
2. Never get between a Mormon Youth Group and ice cream.
3. Every body's best friends till you run out of chocolate peanut butter.
4. We know the million variations of Cherry Chocolate Chip. Cherry Garden, Cherry Spray, Cherry chocolate spray etc..in the end its always cherry chocolate chip.
4. When you point to a flavor in the bin and say "That one" what "one" are you referring to? We have over 80 flavors.
5. Your kids are always going to need cups.
6. When you come in at 9:59 pm and order milkshakes, sundaes, or banana splits you are automatically on our least favorite customer list.
7. When "they" discontinue a flavor its not our fault. Sometimes flavors have to die. Its just a part of a scooper's life. Moaning about it won't bring it back. Just enjoy the memory.
8. Saying "Bingo! Yatzee! etc..." when we announce your number is only cute when you are 12. 56? Not so much.
9. We don't judge you for what you order. We know that we deal frozen dairy crack and we are okay with it.
10. In 1930 single scoop ice cream cones were .05 cents. Now they are 1.99. Welcome to the 2000's just pay. We understand you are moaning about your lost youth but we can't change it.
11. If you don't know what to get JUST ASK! We always have flavors that aren't on the menu board and you won't know they exist unless you ask us if there is something they should get.
12. If you are going to ask for a million samples and then stick to your favorite flavor of vanilla please come in and sample them when we aren't packed. We already know its vanilla. Its always vanilla.
13. It seems that we are always crowded but if you come in around before traditional feeding times we are pretty light.
14. When we are out of waffle cones don't complain. You aren't there for the cone you are there for the ice cream. It taste just as good on another cone. If you really want one we have cage fighting every friday night. May the best fighter win.

15. We love our jobs. Treat us nice and we might just treat you!

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