Saturday, August 1, 2009

Open a New Window Open a NewDoor...

This is my moose tracks epiphany as I was leaning into the ice cream bin yesterday I realized something. First ice cream looks ten times less appealing when you wear it on your arms all day and second that I was never ever going to get out the ice cream bin if I kept on the same direction in my life. As I looked into the depths of the vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and little mounds of truth filled with peanut butter I could see my life laid out in front of me. Nothing but endless people whining about no waffle cones, lack of spaces to sit, and the same dumb jokes over and over again. No I haven't been in a arm wrestling contest but I bet I could beat your rear fanny! Or my personal favorite This must be the best job ever! Which I always want to say if its so great want to trade? I'll do yours!

So I am going to the ATC and getting my Medical Assistant.

More tomorrow!

Simply Sleep is kicking in and I'm seeing double...

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