Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say Your Sorry.

(The sub title for this picture is "Oh I'm Falling in the Water. Please Stare at my Stomach.)

(Written on the plane on Monday)

I just want the man who pushed my elbow into my face as he waddled up to the bathroom to say he's sorry. I want the flight attendant to say he's sorry that his hair comb over is never going to mask the fact that he's balding. While I'm demanding things to apologize I want the weather to say it's sorry for sending a hurricane to the tropics.

I'm pissy and I have the right to feel self righteous for just a moment.

I'm sweating in two day old clothes and all I want to do is get home.

Why am I sweating you ask? Well if you have ever traveled to Atlanta (pretty city, weird airport. A train? Really?) with the wonky weather the only flight out of Montgomery delayed till the last very minute I arrived in Atlanta with 20 minutes to go from E concourse (the very last one) to the very first one (Did I mention I've never been to Atlanta?) to T. In 15 minutes (cause I had to go the bathroom.) I've never ran so fast!

So I have to say I'm sorry to the old ladies I plowed.

To the families who walked in a wall down the center of hall (pick a side!) well it was bound to happen that somebody would break through your red rover wall. (Red Rover Red Rover Blake's going to Run You Right Over!)

I'm sorry to the Jury Clerk who had to find a new juror.

I'm sorry to Bridger who had to drive me to Montgomery twice. Your blessings are in the mail.

I have to apologize to the young couple with the baby who were flying home and so hoping for the empty seat between them. However I have to thank you you random strangers. For all those who were kind enough to look at the very sleep deprived person and not say anything.

So to all of you who prayed me home thank you.

I'm sorry.

But can I say I had fun?

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