Friday, April 3, 2009

Tune in for A Blake Got Fat Blog Special...

Tonight is going to be retro night here at Blake Got Fat we are broadcasting live from his home town of Ogden Utah. Sit back relax and enjoy blakegot fat in in all it's retro glory.

And now for your host: BLAKE
(yay says the single person in the auidence

I am so glad that you all decided to come with me to visit my roots here in O-town! We got a great show for you tonight !

Tonight's first guest is Blake's Stomach
(Theme music dadadada badada bing!)
Stomach: It is so nice to be invited here to the Blake got fat show! You know with the recent stomach reduction going around staff now we are having a hard time getting away to come do your show but so many of my staff members were like you have to do it! So here I am.
Blake: I am so glad that you were able to make it. Lately with the snow and the situps it must be hard for you to visit.
Stomach: Oh well they say every 4 years you should remodel and restructure so we are exicited to see how the final product looks after the renevotaion.
Blake: Thats awesome and thank you so much for being here on retro night on Blake got fat. We gotta go to comerical but come on back for the ellicptical machine..
Comerical: (to the theme of superfreak) Sugar free oh give me my sugar free sugar free cause he's a sugar free fudgeiscal! (picture a man wearing a fudgiscal suit)
cue in theme music Badbaba dd bing!
Blake: Welcome back to the Blake Got Fat Show we have a special guest with us tonight live via satallite from the Housing gym in Logan...Hi elliptical can you hear me?
Elliptical: Hello? Hello?
(Sudden static)
Blake: Looks like we lost transmittion. Hope you all have good night that's all folks
Theme song
Its the BLAKE GOT FAT SHOW!!! Cause he ain't no flake that's Blake on the Blake Got Fat School!
Fade to black
Bridget Jones Moment:
2 eggs mushrooms, green peppers, and onions.
12 oz of chicken noodle soup with a slice of multigrain bread
3 snall baked chicken tenders, brown rice and brocoli.


  1. You are so entertaining! One day this blog is gonna be on the top Blogging list, you mark my words Mr. Blake, but by then you will weigh a mere 175lbs and people won't understand the journey. You will just have to recap and have flashback fridays!!!

  2. Blake I love this! you crack me up, I'm going to be checking back daily! I agree with Amy, this is going to be huge in the blogging world, you are so great.