Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bad Boy Bad Boy Whatcha Going To Do When they Come for You...

Do you remember how on Bewitched Samantha had that evil cousin Serena (who was really Samantha) and Serena would do all sorts of evil things pretending it was Samantha who did it?

Well this week I have been visited by the evil version of Blake known as Drake. Drake makes Blake do all sorts of evil things like eat chocolate cake, drink coke, and makes him sleep instead of working out.

So warning if you see Drake tell him that he needs to encourage good Blake to come back. Cause Blake would hate to look like a Fat Judge Judy at his Graduation!

Bridget Jones Moment:

Weight: 218
Steps walked: 1463.3 or 9.1 miles.
Workout: Running to and from Campus over and over again!

2 eggs mushrooms Candida bacon 4oz of yogurt
Chicken Salad sandwich
2 tortillas with black beans rice and chips and 2 glasses of lemonade.
1 can of coke.


  1. I will shoe Drake away if I see him! I think we all have an evil twin. Guess what? I lost 5lbs. YOu are my inspiration. Now for the last 10lbs...

  2. Lol, drake! I will for sure tell him to be nice! way to go!