Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If I don't find romance soon this is going to be me. (According to my Mother)

I want romance. I'm bored of everybody finding it, suddenly waking up one day and saying Oh look I found love aren't I lucky like discussing the two for one t shirt sale at Old Navy Oh I just walked right in and I found it they were right next to the bathroom who knew? If I was smart I would swear off love all together but its those brief moments of when somebody has a geniune interest in you they say your name in such a way that heart beats a little faster. You find yourself thinking about them at the most random moments, so grateful that they are yours of all the millions of people in the world they sat down and talked to you.

But when its absent from your life it seems like the colors disapper or fade away. Like Dorothy stuck in Kanas knowing that somewhere there has to be a world of color, just outside the door. Till then there is a lovely sycamore outside my door that I have had my eye on the question is what chapstick..Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker of Dr. Pepper or Watermelon?

Bridget Jones Moment:

Weight: 216.7
Wii fit age:25
Miles walked:4
4 pieces of celery laughing cow spread, 4 oz of yogurt string cheese.
Chef salad with yogurt
chicken, brown rice, aspargus
A bite of rice krispie treat, 15 almonds, a stick of sugar free gum.

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