Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ch Ch Changes...

To all old and new readers welcome.

If you were to ask me two months ago if I was going to start a blog about my weight loss I would have laughed at you, smiled then said no. This morning inorder to combat all of my nerves and stress of this job interview I went running on the treadmill.

Running I began to list all the people who have supported me on this journey. I read your names out loud and thought of you. For your support. For your comments. For just being aware. There you were a community of friends cheering me on.

I felt blessed.

I felt your strength.

Living alone and going through this weight loss and everything suddenly changing I began to feel so alone.
But I wasn't.
Cause you were there.
Thank you for that.

So tonight I encourage you. I implore you to think of those you love. Those who are always on your side. List them one by one. Focus on their faces. Focus on their love.

And you won't feel so alone anymore.

Bridget Jones Moment:
Weight: 215.7
Excerise: 45 minutes on the treadmill
Water:1 liter
Nothing too nervous.
Peanut butter (sugar free) and Jelly (actually simply fruit but for the sake of simpilty we will call it jelly.)
And the rest of the pint Java Chip Ice cream. With Sprinkles. (Gee I wonder why I ate the whole thing? Humm hello stressfull interview no breakfeast.) Geez.
Veggie burger with onion rings (See previous sarcastic comment.)
1 coldstone cupcake. It was marv!
I will find out on Monday night or Tuesday morning whether or not I got the position. Pray. Thanks for your postive enegry.


  1. We love you Blake! Good luck!

  2. GOOD LUCK! I really really hope you get it, you'll have to let me know!

  3. You are awesome (so sez your "auntie," Joi Lin).