Thursday, April 2, 2009

My own personal version of therapy..

This is Lola. My lovely couch I found at the DI two years ago. She's long and perfect for napping because she has great legnth and range and you fit perfectly between the back of the couch and the seat. Marvolus. It's become the couch where friends have come by and had great conversations, tears, and laughter. It's become the therapist couch for dear friends.

This week has been so hard for working out. Sugar now gives me a head ache so when I be a little naughty I get a lovely headache and can pin point it directly to the source. It drives me nuts. I have been getting a lovely spring cold and I have been extremely busy school winding down and the sudden looming jobless, homeless, and grown up life rearing its ugly head in three weeks I've been a little put a upon. I figure it's nature's way of making sure that I am still alive and not getting too comfortable in my current state.

So today I laid there on the couch and had this conversation with Lola:

Me: I don't know I don't know relationships I can't belive what's happing these days Lola..

Lola: What can't you believe?

Me: There so difficult to have ever since the sexual revolution they are so hard to have ever since then men and women don't know how to relate to each other. If you offer to pay for dinner and open the door is going to think you are going to put the moves on her after dinner?

Lola: Yah go on..

Me: They used to be so simple I mean you walked to a girl on the play ground extend your hand and suddenly you are going out. Even in middle school the thrill of having a girlfriend was to see if you could tell what Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker she was wearing. Also after three days or so it became a contest to see who could break up with the other person the fastest. I rememeber going to Classic skating and being so exicited to snowball off with somebody just to hold her hand for a brief moment.

Lola: So relationships are just one of those bells?

Me: That now and then rings.

Lola: So what frightens you now?

Me: Suddenly going to McDonalds and buying a big mac, fries,and waking up and seeing that all the weight I've lost come back in triple form.

Lola: Perhpas its time you find a different hobby...


Bridget Jones Moment:
Weight: 216.9
I'm too tired to write the rest.

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  1. Blake I love Lola, I wish my couch talked to me like that! Great advice.