Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't Rain on My Parade..

It Rained A Lot Today.

But thats Okay. I got to wear my awesome Red Shoes.

I love my red shoes. I can't explain it. I have tried to explain these shoes to people. But I believe everybody needs a pair of red shoes. There is something about them hiding inside your closet that makes you go I'm wearing these and y'all better like it.

Today was a great day with the whole excerise and eating journey. Lately I was flirting with the dark side which I am so prone to do and today I was able to eat healthy and feel great. I worked out which was so nice on this rainy day because I needed a boost. That and the newspaper was advertsing Speedos. Not that I want to wear one but it's nice to think maybe? (Wait. I'm killing that thought right now.)

Bridget Jones Moment:
Wii fit age: 28
Didn't have my pedometer on me. But I can tell you right now I sat a lot more than I walked.
Water:4 liters. My poor blatter.
Oatmeal with cinamon walnuts, 3 pieces of celery and laughing cow spread, 4oz of yogurt.
Chef salad with Ligth Ranch Dressing (I needed a change) 4 oz of yogurt
Chicken Salad, brocoli, and brown rice. Yum!
Sugar free pudding and a 3 sugar free turtles.

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