Sunday, April 5, 2009

How you'd like to spoon with me?

Wasn't it a nice conference weekend?
I always feel so inspired after hearing such powerful talks and having church in bed. Some people don't understand how wonderful it is to wake up and just sit on the couch and watch church in your pajamas. One word Fabulous!
As I was driving back to Logan tonight I was thinking about how this blog has helped me lose my fat physical exterior. Yet on the drive back I was thinking about my inner body my soul. Seems as the physical body gained weight slowly the inner body was slowly starving away. It's like when I gained all the physical weight. It wasn't one morning I woke up and was like "well hello shamu how are you?" but rather it slowly packed on slowly, an almond joy here, a banana split here, and slowly but surely my pants got tighter, my breath more winded and my enegry flew out the window. Yet while I was feeding the outside of my body my inner spirit started to get skinner and skinner, starved for food and good words, it fell away and I used food as a buffer. Depressing thought, eat this it will numb the pain, oh Ben and Jerry saved me many of a night from having that painful conversation with myself but now I realize if I really want to get healthy I gotta feed the inner body too! So join me!
To all my readers I just wanted to Say Thank You! It is you that inspires me each day to write!
Tomorrow it will be back to normal!

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  1. I really liked this post. Really so true, I appreciate your words!