Friday, April 10, 2009

You've got to make your own kind of music..




This would be the caption beneath this picture if it was ever displayed in a gallery.

Today was great day. I did something out of the ordinary. I took a nap and I loved it.

Really. It was one of those naps that you take that when you wake up you go woah. Or at least thats what St. John said when he saw my hair. It was really that good. But I guess you had to be there. It was really great. I mean it will be the hair style for the next year let me tell you. 20 minutes of spraying it with a water bottle and a quick dunk under the shower head got it under control!

Now for some adminstrative business:

Here is a link for my friend Alli and Kyle's blog about Grant I encourage you to send postive enegry, prayers, adn thoughts in their direction. They really need strength from everybody for Grant. He had major surgrey today and it was extremely scary!

Also for my Intro Political Science Class would you mind taking a brief survey? It's really brief and if I get an A I promise I will not post a picture of me in a speedo. See. Life is truly is marvelous no? click here please!

Now for the exiciting moment of the night!

Bridget Jones Moment! YAY says the singular guy in the auidence!
Water: 2 liters
Miles walked: 7.0
Oatmeal with cinamon and walnuts
4oz of yogurt.
Chicken Salad sandwhich on whole grain wheat bread and a cookie. (It was there and I was like hello...)
See picture above.
Fudgesical, 8 french fries, and sugar free turtle.


  1. Blake your friends' blog made me cry! Poor baby, he will be in our prayers for sure. How precious, he's so sweet. lol (It was there and I was like hello...) I love it. Your doing great!

  2. Thanks Blake... I keep meaning to send you a thank you card, but so far it remains unwritten. Please know that we went to Cafe Rio today while they kicked us out of the PICU and it made a difficult day a little brighter. Thanks again. You are truly a gem.

  3. I tried to take the survey, link didn't work!