Monday, April 6, 2009

Now that it's your Birthday...

Happy Birthday Emily!

To Emily this One's for you!

Cause It had to be you!

My sister and I have a little saying between us that whenever our parents introduce us to their friends. This is our daugther Emily. This is our other child. Emily's brother.

Yes. She does have clothes on but this was the only picture I could find that she wouldn't be mad at me for publishing.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister! There hasn't been a moment in my life where she hasn't been there and without her I would be rather bored. In 25 years we are going to throw a marvolous fifty years of being brother and sister! Cause why not? Oh and you are all invited!

These are little random bits that came to me through out the day...

Did I mention that we still know all the words of Smelly Cat?

She does a mean verison of A part of your world. (Just let her have the side of the pool some back up singers and off she goes!)

My sister is often known for her "borrowing" capablities. Once she borrows it it never comes back.

When I was little I used to call her Elm because I had a lisp and couldn't say Em. Now when I'm tired or I get exicited I still do.

She and my Dad often need to excerise till they fall over. They have this thing about compition. They just have to win. That's why you don't see emilygotfat or a jeffgotfat blog. They don't need it. They need. Emily and Jeff need sleep and relaxation blogs.

To the ghetto dances that we have made up over the years. Now when ever I hear "Hey Mr. DJ put a record on I wanna Dance with my baby" I think of you.


To those moments when you fought my battles for me. I think the lady at OHS parking is still afraid of you.

To those late night talks, to playing moles, to pretending I was adopted, and I still like you. Not bad for a 27th birthday present isn't it?

Bridget Jones Moment:
My wii fit called me fat today said I weighted 220! Whats up with that!
BMI: 31.56
Miles walked :7.8
A bowl of crispex
A michalena dinner
Chicken, brocoli, and brown rice.
In my defense I had no food and no time to go to the store.


  1. Blake it sounds like you have a very special sister there. My youngest brother and I have a similar relationship. Although he does not sing Disney songs yet. I have a feeling that he will with the baby. Also it sounds like you are doing well with the exercise program. I might need to work with you on this. I am gaining weight like crazy thanks to crazy craving! Oh well if you can do it I can too, even with being pregnant. Good luck!

  2. Ahh, "A Whole New World" I remember those days of swimming, singing, and jumping in the pool. Those were the days. Happy b-day Em. You are a great bro.

  3. Yes! I wanna be invited to this great party! I definitely share in some of those memories, but you forgot her nails and how they made you get married to April, as i pulled April's hair. We love you Princess Emily and hope it was a wonderful birthday!