Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not A Day Goes By...

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I'm scared. The last few days have been a emotional tummultous journey of getting ready to graduate and in less than two weeks I am going to be homeless (well kinda) and honestly jobless. Its scary. I'm frightened its like the future and the present are ready to collide into each other and the clash will turn out to be a horrible splash of avacodo green and orange. I wasn't alive in the 70's but the color schemes still haunt me still!
Yet have you heard the story of Susan Boyle? The 47 year old Scotish Woman whose looks one would describe as handsome but not pretty. She lives alone in the house her parents owned. Currently unemployed I imagned she sat there in her house with her cat Pebbles and watched the world go by. She was the girl that people ignored in High School, the one that was written as a silent type.
Yet she had a talent.
One night she saw an ad on the televison advertising Britian Got Talent. That talent she hid within herself pushed her just a little bit. It wouldn't be ignored. So this quiet Scottish woman ignored the words of others the open scorned and she finally confessed her true desire to be a professional singer.
Then she opened her mouth.
And in those first 5 seconds that audience was moved and scorn was changed. Talent overshown looks. A light burst through a bushel.
I often feel like Susan Boyle. That nobody notices me. The world tells ordinary people that we are not important. That our looks do not support the true beauty that lies beneath. Yet when she sang for that brief 2 minutes the world saw talent and the outside shell disappered.
So when you walk in the store and see the acne scared bagger boy what will your thoughts be? Or if you see me from behind what is your first thought? Are you looking for the inner talent? Or are looking at the least important part the outer shell? Yet how often does a talent get killed. A light stays hidden within a bushel with no way for it to get out.
The Lord teaches us lessons in mysterious ways. Here's one that was recorded.
Aren't we lucky?
See the story here http:// or you tube Susan Boyle.


  1. Blake we love you and wish you the best these next few weeks as you are getting ready to graduate! I hope that you find a job soon, and a new place to live, times are so hard and I think that right now, with the nasty weather, every one is feeling a little blue. We love you, hang in there!

  2. That is scary to graduate and move into a new chapter in your life! You will succeed I just know it! And Susan Boyle, well she is absolutely talented! I love her voice and she will go far, just like you! You know if things don't work out you could be a pool boy for your Grandpa this summer. Or you could sing smelly cat duets with Emily at a local night club for tips... just throwing out ideas!