Monday, April 27, 2009

My Own Best Friend..

I picked this picture because it reflects on what I am feeling about my life at the moment. I am waiting to finally ready to stand up in the spotlight by myself and take ownership of what has been going on. I feel that I didn't get the graduate resident director job.
Before you feel bad that I didn't I get it. It is a chance for me to look at the other options my life has to offer. When I stand in that spotlight and the music starts up it will be me standing there singing my heart out.
And I will be Skinny.


  1. Go Blake! You have a great attitude and things will work out for you! Good luck! Maybe you need to move back down to O-town to be with your loving family! and you will be Skinny!

  2. YAY BLAKE! Such a great positive attitude, we need to go to lunch more often so you can rub some of that positiveness off on me, its so hard sometimes!

  3. Blakey, whatever you do, it's gonna be awesome! Everything will work out exactly as it's supposed to. And then we will have a party.