Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Got Lost But Look What I've Found..

Back in the olden days years and years ago I was a resident assistant to a wonderful building called Astach (Yes that was its name) and though I was a terrible RA I had the most amazing chance to meet seventy five different individuals. It truly was one of the greatest experiences in my life.

The very first resident I met was a fiery red head named Shilah who looked at my Blakealicious (what? if Fergie can do it so can I.) and said I think this is going to be a interesting year. Through the two years I was so impressed with her strength and humor. She really taught me how to listen to people and have a courageous outlook on life. Shilah has Cerebral Palsy which often makes it difficult for her to do day to day activities but you would never notice that about her cause she's always doing instead of complaining. I am so truly blessed to have her in my life. Plus she has the only painting I have ever done. Also her husband Matt? Totally lived in my building and met and got married. Am I a match maker? Not really but I like to take credit.

So with much further flourish I present to you....


Shilah! Thanks for being here today! You have always been such a great friend. What is your most inspiring work out?

Honestly, everyday is a struggle for me. Wait I would like to change my answer, I would have to say that today was most inspirational workout day for me. I was able to bike 24 miles today, its the farthest I have ever gone,and the best part is I am sure I can continue with similar distances regularly as long as I have the time! If I can maintain this I really see my self accomplishing my goals! I'm pretty excited!

If you listen to music/thoughts inspire you when you workout/clean the house/ driving in the car? (Mine is when I listen to Party in the USA I tend to put my hands up when she tells me. What can I say? Its a Miley Cyrus world and we are just living in it.)

For listening in the car I love good old fashion oldies, and I genuinely mean oldies 1930’s-1950’s, or the ghetto music of my youth—my husband gives me a hard time for growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. As far as working out goes I have found that music doesn’t distract me enough, so I’ve stopped listening to it. Instead, I listen to old radio shows on my iPod or watch Hulu. So I guess you could say that working out for me is less about inspiring myself and more about numbing my brain.

I love the oldies! When I had my first car (Ford Galaxie 500 it was beaut!) There was a radio station that would play those old radio dramas. I got really into Dragnet for awhile! So totally off subject what is your dirty little secret food?

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! It doesn’t help that every time I mention chocolate my husband runs out the door too buy me some. Sometimes it is less than a minute before he is gone--

Who doesn't love chocolate? So lady what is your next goal? Or what is something you have always wanted to do but haven't yet?

I will honestly answer this question even though it makes me feel vulnerable. I have Cerebral Palsy, and to successfully carry a pregnancy (without permanently putting myself in a wheelchair) I need to get down to a low body weight and have very strong legs. So, my next goal is to prepare physically to become—and then become a mother.

Well I know all my readers (HI MOM!) will be cheering you on! You always seem so positive. So how do you inspire yourself on your bad days cause I know we all have them?

I think about my life goals and how it would be easier to accomplish them if I can walk. My most inspirational thought is of my husband and me, in retirement, serving the people of Cusco, Peru. I would love to be able to serve a mission for the LDS Church, with my husband and still be walking. But that will take a lot of perseverance.

Thank you so much Shilah!

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