Friday, October 1, 2010

You Fasinate Me So..

Today's guest has been in my orbit for a very long time. I met Tessa when I was in the fourth grade. She has always been quite the firecracker and I am very glad to have known her. Tessa is my sister's other half. I promise dear friends I have other people who are coming to be guest who are not my sisters but I wanted to introduce you dear readers to other people besides myself who read my blog. I hope that their stories will help you in your own journey. Cause they so dearly help me in mine.

And now



Tessa! It is so nice to have you hear today! So let's start off with something everybody wants to know. With your wedding coming up soon what was your most inspiring run/Work out?

I must say my most inspiring run was this morning. I set out to do 8, but changed half way through to do 12. All before 9 am. I made it! It was sorta slow, but so far, its the longest I've run since I got my calf surgery 2 years ago. So I was inspired. Started out when it was dark and ended in the full sun. Yes it hurt and I still hurt and will hurt tomorrow. But its amazing to see what your body can achieve if you just will it and train it. Its much more powerful than our minds. Cool huh?

Tessa that is amazing that you were willing to push yourself so far. I know when I run sometimes I tell myself Body what can we do today? And sometimes its pushes me to do six and sometimes I'm only able to do 2! It truly is amazing what our minds can do! Now if you don't mind me asking what tunes are you currently blasting to?

Currently I love Girl Talk radio on Pandora... poppy mixes into hip hop, good beats. Also, because I'm getting married soon (almost under a month!) I've been chugging along to "wedding dress, wedding dress". Sort of shallow, but you do what you have to do!

I totally love your new mantra! It's not shallow cause by the time you wear it you will go Damn Baby I'm fine. You sound so happy! So with a not so subtle segue to the next question what makes you happy?

I'm in my happy place often on a patio eating, sipping wine and talking with friends. This may take place at a restaurant or my house, or others, but by far this is when I'm most comfortable surrounded by the one's I love.

It's so true about how a bland meal taste so much better when you are around people you love. I think my greatest moments of my life have been centered around take out boxes and with all other worldly distractions taken away and just laughing with those you love. With all that talk of food what is your dirty little secret food?

my getaway food.... do I have to pick just one? Ok good, because I have a few that are irresistible to me. Chocolate chip cookies, Ruffles potato chips, crusty white bread dipped in anything and cupcakes. Hungry yet? Because I can't stop eating these things, I run.

I don't think anybody has just one food that leads to a happy sugar comma but after hearing your answers I can't stop thinking about cupcakes. Sweet cupcakes...anyway before you leave us what is your next goal?

My current goal is training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Fran in 2+ weeks. I'm going with your sis, of course she's doing the full. Not all of us can be elite endurance athletes! ;) Beyond that, searching for my dream job...

Thank you so much Tessa for wanting to be a guest today! Good luck on your half marathon! I am so jealous! Take pics!

Feeling rather inspirational? Be a guest! Just leave a comment or facebook me. Hate this segment? Let me know!

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