Sunday, October 17, 2010

Somedays I don't feel like trying...

Woah whoah stuck like glue you and me baby were stuck like glue.....sorry but I have been a little fascinated with country music lately. I don't where it comes from either but it just happens. I realized just today that when I said I was going to do a weekly segment with my guests I really did mean to do it through a week shot. But due to a crazy work schedule I haven't had time to put them all in. Sorry! I promise all of you that you will get your chance to be read by Momma Joye.

Next order of business.

The next guest I have known for a very long time. I first met Lindsay when she didn't have her teeth in. I walked in the door and there was this amazon woman with no teeth. She is an iron woman (3 times!) a wife and dear friend. Lindsay is such a positive force to those she meets. Honest but kind. She makes killer chocolates too. so with much enthusiasm I give you


Lindsay with all the running, biking, swimming ironmans (excuse me iron women..) what has been the most inspirational run for you?
My most inspirational run was my first run training for my first marathon. My uncle and I had signed up to run the St. George marathon and I hadn't run since high school, I was now 21. He and I set out on our first official run at 5:30 am. We ran 2 miles, 2 whole miles. I have never in my life been so proud of myself. I showed up and I ran. It was that run that set my love of this sport in motion.

Isn't it funny how the first run or walk is the one we remember the most. I remember the day I said I was going to run a mile. It was more of a walk but lets pretend shall we that it was running. I never forgot how happy it made me. But enough of me how do you focus your resume is so impressive! I'm sure I forgot somethings that you have done...

I find many different ways to focus. I usually have to go inside myself and find the quiet. Over the races I've done I've always drawn on certain inspirations, maybe it's a person, a goal, a thought. Whatever it is, I try to focus on it for that time. Funny thing is, my dear friend and training partner, Emily, gets through her runs by talking. I usually can't talk because I'm trying to keep up with her. So I essentially get free entertainment and she talks and talks and talks. It's the best.

Its true about the princess. She can talk to you about anything! I am always looking for new music to run to so I have to ask what do you listen to on your i-pod when you run? Or if you don't use one do you deal with the quiet?

I don't listen to an i-pod. My days are filled with people talking and me talking to them. Running/biking/swimming without music is my way to sort through life and find the quiet. On the occasional run when I do listen to music I have found that "Girl I'm going to make you sweat", "Lose Yourself", and Fighter are fantastic ways to pump you up.

Darling with having accomplished so much in your twenties what is your next goal? Where will we hear about Lindsay next?

Hmm... my next goal is to take it a little easier. I have been training non-stop since January, completing two ironmans. My goal is to focus on the fun of the sport rather than a set schedule. You'd think this would be easy but everyday I battle to 'just go for a fun/easy run'. And okay, don't laugh, but along with that, I'm incorporating marathon training. I will be running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran in two weeks. Yee haw.

Just for the record Lindsay just finished the San Francisco Marathon with a powerful time of 3:38. But moving dear Lindsay do you keep yourself motivated?

I once heard a quote, although not sure who said it, "One day I will not be able to do this, but today is not that day". That quote alone gets me up in the morning. Because today I have a strong, willing, healthy body that allows me to lace up my running shoes, I think it's a privilege that I cannot take for granted.

Oh and one last fantastic running quote that I say over and over again in my head:

....Running hurts, it always has. It teaches us that good things do not come easy. It teaches us that we are capable of more than what we think. It teaches us that hard work will be rewarded and laziness will be punished. Don't expect to learn those life lessons from jogging. Next time you suffer on the roads, suffer proudly. You just RAN! (Author unknown).

Thank you dear friend. Sorry I couldn't there to see you run! But its always a pleasure to have you here! Hope your running recovery goes well!

Thanks everybody!


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