Monday, October 18, 2010

Bust A Move..

There are some post that absolutely write themselves. Our second to last guest is a newer friend of mine. I met her when she worked at the hospital as room cleaning specialist. With her sense of humor and honest opinions I was always so glad to see her cause she made the worse days a lot better. I wanted to cry the day she quit cause she made my days at work so much better. Corrine is such a powerful writer that I am going to include her answers to the questionnaire just the way it is. Refer to Lindsay's post from yesterday for the questions....

What is my most inspiring workout/run/walk/day? Why??? that's kind of tough because I haven't really really worked out since college, back in the earlier 90's when areobics, leotards and tights were really cool! But I love to walk, and just taking my kids for a walk and exploring nature seems to inspire me. This summer I took up jogging around the high school tack, but for some reason my insecure high school emotions took over as the foot ball team, track team, and cheer leaders were working out. I had to just imagine that they were watching in amazement as this middle aged, chubby mom was lapping them....

If you listen to music/thoughts inspire you when you workout/clean the house/ driving the car? Well usually I can't even hear my own thoughts at home, with four kids running and screaming, thats pretty much all I hear. I personally like the silence, and usually write stories in my head. Or narrate my life, as if some narrator, in a James Earl Jones, deep voice announces to the world what exactly it is that I am doing. For example as I was doing the bleachers the other day, ok about two months ago, I stumbled and the narrator in my head said "her knees could no longer hold the weight she stored after 4 kids and nine years of marriage, colapsing under her, as her top heaviness, knocked her further off balance and she slid down the bleachers. The teenagers across the field, stood and laughed at the sight of the chubby mom tubbling to her embarrassment."

What is your dirty little secret food? I know yours is ice cream because I seem to remember seeing you sneak a few of those little cups into your cart after a long day of work :) But to be honest as of 13 days ago, I have cleansed myself of all "toxins" and have for the most part given up diet coke and sugar, hopefully for good, other than that occasionally holiday get together. But two weeks ago, it was diet coke! I couldn't make it through a day with out one or two ok who am I kidding 3! And I am always a huge sucker for a good potato chip or french fries.

What is my next goal? Or something I have always wanted to do and haven't? My immediate goal, is to feel comfortable in a swim suit in two weeks as I travel to Hawaii to see my husband. I know I won't be quite there but getting close, as in the last two weeks I have shed over 8 inches, not weighing just measuring myself right now. But another goal of mine, because in my dreams and in my mind I already am one, is to be a runner! I really would like to do a half marathon and a mini triatholon, and sometimes I think I need to sit down and pick one and go from there, but right now its just in the planning process of my goals.

How do I inspire myself on bad days?

Tough, had you asked me a few weeks ago I would of said going to the convient store and grabbing a tall, iced diet coke, got me over the humps. Some how I grabbed hold of a vision of what I want to be (ok what I want to look like and what size pant I will wear, and how fast I will run a mile) and realize that no food tastes as good as that will feel...and I have heard it before but for some reason that is stuck in my mind as a truth, and I am going with that right now.

sorry I am a babbler....and you can find out more about me on!

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  1. She rocks, oh wait that's me...forgot my spell check or my proofing ;) thanks blake!