Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Baby It's Pouring Rain...

My car hates my outfit. It's true. My Old Navy Jeans paired with my black Old Navy Performance Fleece (Everybody now Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy Performance Fleeeeceee...end with jazz hands) and Crocs which I don't feel like having to justify why I wear them. It all started three years ago on the worst Valentines day ever.

What made it so terrible? I had the cold that threatened to end my life, a naughty resident who had to be gently persuaded to live somewhere else (i.e eviction!) and I was single. So I put on the black fleece that day.

Bad idea.

Oh such a terrible idea.

I also had to go to Ogden to help take care of Grandma Dar (love her! Seriously.) while the Momma and Grandpa went to Europe. So after loading my car up with all the dirty laundry, homework etc..I began to drive through Sardine Canyon, Brigham City, and just before the Farr West Exit my clutch went out.

That was a lovely 800 dollar fix.

Guess what I was wearing?

Old Navy Jeans, Black Performance Fleece (Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy Performance Fleeeece....) and Crocs.

But that's not all. One day two years ago my dear friend Alise and I went to go see a picture show. Great movie had fun but on the way home just before I get to the street my car dies. New distrubtuor. Another 700 dollar fix later....

guess what I was wearing...

No really guess.

(Fine I'll tell you Old Navy Jeans Black Performance Fleece and Crocs.)

Yesterday. Battery dies.

Old Navy Jeans, Performance Fleece, Crocs.

My car seriously hates that outfit.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. You crack me up. Seriously though, remind me to never let you in my car if you're ever wearing old navy jeans, preformance fleece and crocs.

  2. weeeeeeeeiiiiiiiird. cue the twilight zone music. hilarious post, sorry for your misfortune.

  3. Poor Blake! I swear stuff like that ALWAYS comes in threes! Hopefully, your luck will change. In the mean time, I think its time to put the Old Navy Fleece out to pasture to bring good luck to some poor unfortunate soul.
    PS Give Grandma Dar a huge hug for me! I miss her! She was always SOOOO wonderful to me.
    -Zara :)