Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love is All around..

This is going to be a short post. My dear friend Ali and Kyle are getting ready to have their baby Grant. Normally this would be wonderful news because they are awesome people (Ali has done amazing programs for me and her Sister Kellie is a wonderful friend) Grant has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and has to go through intense surgrey right after the birth in order to survive. The survival rate for these babies is extremely low due to the invaisve and extremely painful surgries. Please keep them in your prayers and your thoughts. They have had a year full of trials and I hope that this will be a light trial for them.

Water:6 liters
Miles walked: 8.1 or 14526 steps
Weight 221.7

2 eggs mushrooms and Candian Bacon (2 slices) 4 oz of yogurt
Club salad yogurt (4oz)
Chicken Salad with Salmon(1/4 of a piece left over from last night)
1 fudgiscal.

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