Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here is my real post..

It was a beautiful day today. I was stuck once again in the Lundstrum center office from 12 to 6 looking out the window at the glory of spring. Oh happy spring. I wanted to be outside so badly! Oy!

So today marks the one day start of South Beach diet. It used to be so easy when I was a pig. I would just go to the store and look for the boxes and shiny things that would scream Buy Me, I am sugary delicious! Eat Me, Love me! It was a glorious orgy of bright advertisng and high frucose corn surypt.

Here is a picture to my new reality.

I miss my old life.

Bridget Jones Moment:

Wii Fit Age:29
Minutes worked out:45 minutes Calories burned 512
Miles or Steps: 3.7 mile or 7,150 Calories burned 496.1
2 eggs 1 slice of turkey 4oz. yogurt 3 pieces of celery with laughing cow cheese.
Didn't have it. I was stuck in the office
Chicken salad red beans and baslamic vinegar dressing
8 almonds, 1 sugar free turtle, string cheese, and 4oz of yogurt.

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