Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do you like the way I jiggle and bounce?

So here is an intersting question I was asked about losing weight one that made me think really hard about this whole weight lost adventure. The question was "Are you ready to be able to absorb the pain of everyday life without your fat to insluate you?" Woah. Deep. I use food as a way to protect myself from boredom, frustration, and sadly as a way to protect myself from deep emotional pitfalls. Fail a test? Well then you deserve a nice big ol' banana split to heal the pain. Get rejected? Go to the Cold stone and get yourself a love it size cotton candy with rainbow sprinkles. Bored? Nothing says fun than a slurpee. It was those moments that I let myself become a emotional wasteland. Terrible isn't it?

Its okay though. I am ready to shed this weight off. In an odd way its like shedding the four years at USU. I have loved being here in Logan, loved the experiences of growing up but with those moments came the weight. I realized that if I keep up on the rate that I was going on I was going to be prime canidate for a heart attack or worse. So here is the reason why I post.

Bridigt Jones Moment:
Weight 224
Water: 72 ozs
Excerise: 30 minutes on the Elliptical 20 Minutes Strength Wii fit.
Calories burned: 489 (according to the elliptical machine) 384.2 (Pedometer)
Steps: 2.9 Miles (I didn't have on me during the earlier part of the day).
Didn't eat it didn't feel like it.
Chicken salad on High fiber bread.
Eggplant primevera, (Olive Garden what can you do?) salad, breadsticks (3).
12 almonds, celery stick,and a M&M Mcflurry
Now for the big news Guess what starts tomorrow?
South Beach Diet! Two weeks of Fun!

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