Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Sugar Sugar..oh honey honey..

I just want sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. I haven't ever felt this way. I had the best meals today and all I wanted was one of these.

Just the thought made me want to jump over the Lundstrum office desk and go buy one or make one and lick the bowl over and over again. I need it! I want it! Don't I deserve it? Well actually I have over deserved myself lately and that is the reason why I need this blog. It wouldn't be that entertaining if it was called Blake is skinny.

Detox Sucks. 13 days let to go.

Pray. Oh and while you are praying could you ask that my hearing aid molds come soon so that I can wear my new hearing aids instead of my broken ones? Thanks!


Bridigt Jones Moment:


BMI: 32.30

Water:4 liters (and the bathroom trips to prove it!)

Miles walked: 3.8

Calories burned from walking: 622.7

Workout time: 20 minutes on Wii fit (Mostly step and balance it was a sunday and I deserve rest)


1 egg scrambled with mushrooms

4oz of fatfree plain yogurt

6 oz of fruit/veg juice (whoops)


Salad with chicken 2 tbsp of baslamic vinegar


Aspargus and grilled Salamon


1 sugar free fudgsical


15 almonds 2 sugar free peppermints, a stick of celery with peanut butter.

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