Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First post and a rather funny story...

This is my weight-loss blog. See in the last four years I have gained over 30 pounds. Kinda sad isn't it? So In order to keep me moviated I thought that I could start a blog and allow everybody who has gained a little junk in the trunk and over insulated to share their story. Also being rather large and in charge I needed something to respond to before I ate a whole pint of Coffee Heath Crunch.

The reason why I posted this pic was beacause it just shows how much weight I've gained in my face!

Also I figured since I'm not getting Married time soon I figured that this would be a lot more informational than my facebook page. So enjoy.

I also posted the picture of my sister who is on the opposite end of the fitness scale as a contrast

Bridget Jones Moment

Current Weight: 230

Soda: 1

Glasses of water: 2

Excerise: 4 miles of walking.


  1. Blake I love it! I'll totally let you put pictures up of my husband who from our first child has gained a nice spare tire in his midriff area. I will totally watch this blog.

  2. Ah Blake you're so funny! And B&J's Heath Crunch is so delicious... I have a blog too that I haven't updated since nov. :)