Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Back! Did you miss me?

This is how I pictured you all waiting urgently for me to emerge again from my school induced vactaion. Let me tell you that it wasn't that fab no beverage on the plane, and horrible reading material. So if you have a moment let the curtain up, Light the lights, cue the music cause Blake is Back!

I missed you all! Really!

Miracle story of the day. Little blue was ready for his funeral. I had the eulogy ready, the mormon potatoes in the oven warming, and ready to begin to sit shiva for my beloved ipod. Till a marvelous thing happened. I went to the Best Buy (Gotta love those product replacement plans) and I sadly handed little blue over to Mary. With deep contentration she stared at little blue, poked around a little bit, fondled his buttons, spinned his wheel and pronoced him dead. Then she said give me a moment. I waited. I held my breath. I paced around the store and then I heard a loud voice from across the room, the store filled with a bright white light..every one faded away for a minute. Then in a booming voice that filled me with awe and terror she exlcaimed :

Little Blue come forth!

Then the light faded, the wind stopped, and it became silent then with a fading little glow growing stronger Little blue flickered, his pulse weak but strong. He lives! Little Blue Lives! Saints be prasied!

Oh did I mention I was 217?

Its one of those things I just drop in casual conversation you know Oh your dog died? I'm so sorry. Did I mention I'm 217? I used to be 230 but through the torcherous journey of South Beach and excerise I'm doing great. Oh you have pictures? Wait let me show you the ones of my vanishing stomach. Wait my weight loss insn't that intersting to you? I'm insenstive? You are the one with the dead dog.. apparently the sleep depervation is getting to me.

And now presenting the act you have all been waiting for....

The Bridget Jones Moment:
Weight 217!
BMI: 31.12! I'm almost out of the obese range! Now on to overweight! I never thought I would be so exicted to write those words...
Wii fit age: 25
Miles walked or steps : 5.3 miles or 9953
Workout: A blissful nap I was having Blake down time.
2 eggs mushrooms and onion bits (I brushed my teeth don't worry!)
Chef salad with Italian dressing and 4oz of yogurt
Chicken Stir fry bamboo, water chesnuts, brocoli, chicken and tofu.
15 almonds, sugar free mint, and 4 pieces of celery with peanut butter.

Good night! Till tomorrow..

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  1. Woohoo! You did it! I am so proud of you, 217lbs! And hurray for your little blue. I really need to get going you are an inspiration!!!