Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm not much to look at not much to see..


There! I said it! I was reading an article yesterday about how if we own the titles that are applied to us then we can take them, own them, make them a part of us and the ones we don't want? Well then we wear them and slide them off. So the word FAT is the one I really want to shed away. Its like the shirt that you got as a present. Now there isn't anything wrong with it per say. Maybe the color is a little off, the sleeves are little short but you wear it any way because its the last one in the drawer and you aren't in the mood to do the laundry. So you wear it hoping nobody notices. Well thats how I feel about being fat. It bugs me but I wear it anyway because its comfortable. But its time for the fat title to move on and find somebody else to rest upon.
Brigit Jones Moment.
Weight 226
Water: 48 oz
Sleep: 9 hours!(It felt great!)
Steps walked: 6001
Miles 3.3
Calories: 500.00
Days with out coke:5!
Meals for the day:
A piece of toast
glass of orange juice.
half a chicken salad sandwhich on wheat bread.
Dinner: 1 1/2 cup of wheat penne pasta.
string cheese, yogurt.
I was a slug today. Oh well.

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